Almost a month after being admitted to the Italian Hospital, Silvina Luna She is beginning to recover and there is already talk that she will be transferred to a general ward and could definitively leave intensive care. The last part of her doctor gave positive news for her and for her closest circle of hers, well, could be released from intensive care soon and transferred to the general hospitalization area after these four weeks of great concern, but where medical and emotional support and prayers have not been lacking.

Since the news of his hospitalization was known, his name has not stopped being news. There are many figures in the media who have shown solidarity with the actress at this time, and who have come together to make a prayer chain. To this have been added the demonstrations of affection that have even reached the hospital.

As reported by Ángel de Brito, Silvina Luna has received many gifts, with the best of energy for her speedy recovery and her brother Ezequiel and relatives have received them. “There are many people who are going to the Italian Hospital to bring little letters, virgins, little chains and even candles…”detailed in LAM (America) a few days ago.

This Wednesday, after the new medical report on his state of health was known, the driver revealed what was the gift that the model received and that it has also helped her in this recovery process. “He already grabbed his cell phone. Don’t send her messages because she doesn’t have WhatsApp, or the networks, or anything. He uses it to meditate.” Angel de Brito told and Ezequiel Luna, his brother, confirmed it.

“I don’t know who, but they gave him a quantum card to heal”

What is the quantum card and how does it work in the healing of Silvina Luna?

Although the doctors have done everything in their power and have tried different treatments so that the model can be well, his brother acknowledged that “everything is going very slowly” and that “it is a day to day”, Therefore, after she was extubated, they began to try other alternatives to speed up her improvement: like meditation and quantum medicine.

According to information from the site ‘La Nueva Terapia’, quantum healing states that reality is a human, individual and, in turn, collective mental construction: “It is thoughts, beliefs, experience and emotions that define the characteristics of our relationships, our work and our health”, stand out.

That is to say, they assure that through quantum medicine, the person can modify their reality by accessing a sensitive point between mind and matter, or, what is the same,intervene in our cells and health of this”They stand out on their website.

Silvina Luna has been hospitalized for almost a month but is recovering favorably

On several occasions he was seen Silvina Luna talk about his spiritual side, how he began to connect with his interior and vibrate in tune with his present. In fact, this led her to writing and having her own space to talk about it which she called ‘Simple and Conscious’.

“Start over. To find myself. I have been going through a spiritual awakening for a long time. that led me to realize where life goes by”.

wrote in a post from the year 2020.

The importance of emotional support during your hospitalization

Although everything related to his diagnosis and state of health is public knowledge. Behind closed doors, the family struggle is lived in the most intimate way. About this, Ezequiel, Silvina’s brother, told how he handles this whole situation with Silvina:

“He is feeding little but he can eat now, We still haven’t shown anything to Silvina about what they are talking about but little by little I am telling her about the things that happened“He pointed out as revealed in Miter Live.

Much has been said about the secrecy of the case, and Ezequiel commented that: “She is still not 100% seen, you have to generate peace of mind in the people who love her. Silvina’s life changed and it will no longer be the same, it’s been years since this, it’s not lifehe added in his chat with the communicator.

Ezequiel, Silvina Luna’s brother

Silvina Luna’s treatment during her days at the Italian Hospital

The fight of the former Big Brother has been going on for years, when he denounced the malpractice of his operation with Aníbal Lotocoki. From there, his path has been long, and it is that he has had to deal, as he stated on several occasions, with a lot of pain, and also with the deterioration of his health.

Silvina recently contracted the KPC bacterium (Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase), which, according to a BBC article, is a “superbug”, which occurs mainly in hospital intensive care units and has the ability to resist most antibiotics.

“and that it can cause urinary, gastrointestinal and pulmonary infections”

Although the doctors and his inner circle are very hopeful for his remarkable improvement, the treatment continues, he is also doing meditations. It was also possible to know that Silvina Luna he receives visits from his closest friends and everyone is happy with his evolution.

Panelist Guido Záffora on Intruders (América TV), explained that the model continue to receive your dialysis treatment for 3 to 4 hours a dayand in addition to this, they added alternative therapies.

While, brito angel in LAM, assured: “They told me from the Italian Hospital that now they are placing a lot of emphasis on working with the kinesiologists because Silvina has been in bed for a month with all the devices. She did not get up and she has to recover her strength to walk again and move on her own, “said the driver.

Silvina Luna in an interview for PEOPLE.

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