In the midst of the tension Nicole Neuman due to the strained relationship and judicial conflict with indiana cubero, Fabian Cubero and Mica Viciconte enjoy the growth of your child Luca, one year. And they do not hesitate to share on the networks every step that their firstborn takes.

But in this case, it was the journalist Nicolás Peralta, who shared a tender video in which the little brother of Indiana, sienna and Allegra shows that already learned to count. Just turned one year old, Luca not only walks and says his first words: “Look, tell Nico to three,” the former soccer player told his son while holding him in his arms.

“One, two and…”, the ex-defender of Vélez encouraged him to the little one. Seeing that Luca he laughed but did not respond, there he appeared Mica on stage and encouraged him: “Luca: look. One, two and…”. To which the little boy responded clearly: “Three”motivating the tender laughter of all and applause.

Luca Cubero’s first birthday with his parents, Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero.

Nicole Neumann’s reaction to the alleged complaint of her daughter Indiana for abuse

The model tried to turn a deaf ear to the information that was known regarding the alleged complaint made by her eldest daughter, Indianaand continued to show his daily life with his other two daughters, allegra and sienna, but not before leaving a strong phrase posted. “When people can’t control you, they try to control how others see you.”, he replied in English.

“The judge determined five days in which he could attend the house and the mother could return the belongings in the room. Indiana, for example, had no clothes. They had to buy him and they were going to lend him. The day she had to go pick up her things from Nicole’s house, she went with two schoolmates and took her cuberowho waited for her outside,” said Marcela Taurus.

As the journalist recapitulated, “Nicole was in the kitchen and when Indiana began to take things from the room with her companions, Nicole came in, greeted her and began to reproach her for why she was going to live with her father.”

Although the situation remains tense, Neumann decided to keep the family matter private behind closed doors, and even intervened to prevent Cubero from leaking sensitive information to the media.

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