Peter Lanzani (32) was present at the Platinum Awards representing Argentina, 1985, a film that won for “Best Film” and was awarded for Best Screenplay, Art Direction and Male Performance.

During the gala, the Argentine -who was the star of the film- not only dazzled for his quality as an actor, but also for his look, that made it a trend on social media.

In this opportunity, Peter he wore a total black suit but, instead of combining it with a tie, he changed the classic accessory for a leaf-shaped brooch which caught the attention of fans.

Peter Lanzani’s total black look at the 2023 Platino Awards

The details of the unique accessory that Peter Lanzani used

The accessory with which Peter Lanzani replaced the typical necktie was a metal sheet that, in the first instance, could be mistaken for a necklace. However, it was a brooch that worked as an accessory to complement the outfit.

The earring -which stands out for its green color and its metallic details- was the only flash of color that was seen in the look since, on this occasion, the actor opted for total black.

Peter Lanzani with his accessory in the foreground.

Despite the fact that it went viral on networks, this is not the first time that Peter Lanzani use brooches in their looks. In fact, in previous galas -such as the Oscar Awards- also used one.

However, the chosen one on that occasion was placed as a cockade on the lapel of the jacket and, instead of the tie, he wore a classic bow.

At the Platino Awards, he was not only surprised by using the original brooch, but also by the place chosen to wear it.

Peter Lanzani during the Oscars ceremony

Photos: Photonews and social networks.

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