Although the relationship of Tom Cruise (61) and Katie Holmes (45) came to an abrupt end, many are still surprised to learn that the actor and producer of the highest-grossing film of 2022 (Top Gun: Maverick) has also moved away from his daughter suri (17).

Tom and Katie’s divorce is one of the loudest and most mysterious in Hollywood to date. However, of the details and agreements there is not a single clue, it is only known the actor’s financial commitment: until his daughter reaches the age of majority, he will have to spend $400,000 per month plus school fees, doctors, dentists, extracurricular expenses, etc.

Why Tom Cruise distanced himself from his daughter Suri

The answer to this international intrigue remains a mystery, although everything points to the fact that the person responsible is the actor and his blind belief in Scientology. This same religion was the cause of his divorce with Nicole Kidman in 2001 after eleven years of relationship and two children, Isabella (30) and Connor (28), with whom he does seem to have a relationship.

Ten years are the ones that Suri Cruise has not seen his father. Yes, a decade. According to author Samantha Domingo in Us Weekly, “Tom is not allowed to have a relationship with Suri because she does not follow Scientology”.

On one occasion, the actor of Mission Impossible appeared in a lawsuit against In Touch Magazine –for spreading that he had abandoned his daughter–, and He denied that his belief was the cause of the estrangement. According to her, she assured, what really happened was that her work did not allow it and that, “far from abandoning my daughter, I call her on the phone every day.”

It is worth mentioning that he, like John Travolta, reached the highest levels of that organization. Scientology is a very restrictive religion: one of its tenets is that, If you go out, you can no longer talk to those who are part of it.

This norm is one of the most denounced by those who say that its operation responds more to a sect. It is also true that Suri’s decision to leave the practices founded in 1950 by L. Ron Hubbard was supported by her mother.

Other times: Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri in Miami, Florida.

What is the life of Suri Cruise

suri He is already 17 years old and he said that he has no relationship with his father, Tom Cruise.

Always relaxed, by the hand of the actress Dawson’s Creek, the young woman began to set trends even before she was aware of doing so. In fact, some have defined it as “the princess of Fifth Avenue”, a nickname that she always knew how to carry with charm and self-confidence.

Suri Cruise started setting trends even before she was aware of doing it. (Photonews)

The teenager wants to be a designer and soon start college. Everything indicates that he will continue to live in New York since sources close to the family told the Daily Mail that Katie She is very overprotective and hopes that this is her daughter’s final decision, so that she can continue to watch her back.

Her mom rarely talked about her, but InStyle got her to share a bit of her mother-daughter bond: “I love her very much and my biggest goal was always to make her an independent person. She has a strong personality. When she chooses something, she works hard until she’s good at it. and then goes to the next. She’s very hard-working”, proudly pointed out the new it girl of New York fashion.

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