That you live on basics is a phrase that we repeat many more times than we would like, but it is so. Count on simple, timeless and neutral garments it is, more than an option, a necessity, since, thanks to them, we can formulate all kinds of different sets without any complications. In addition, they have the great advantage that, being simpler, no matter what occasions you wear them, they will never look repetitive. It is the magic that the basics have.

    For this reason, if we carefully analyze the wardrobe of our favorite experts, we can see how, instead of being made up mainly of the latest trends, they are rather made from garments that all of us also have: a straight jean, a white shirt , a midi dressnails Converse shoes… Well then, Sarah Carbonero was not going to be less and has created a basic and infallible look for this summer 2023 combining the last two proposals. The result? An inspiring set and super easy to emulate.

    sara carbonero with midi dress and converse


    To imitate the style of the presenter we will only need two pieces: a basic midi dress and some Converse platform sneakers. Of course, better without loot now in summer, no matter how much we love them.

    Sarah has chosen a wide-leg short-sleeved dress in a greyish color that has the ‘peculiarity’ of the large opening at the bottom. A detail that adds extra grace and movement to the proposal, but is not totally essential.

    In addition, he has played a bit with the theme of accessories and has worn a hat and raffia bag to give it that more summer air, as well as its mythical ‘boho’-style round-frame sunglasses. Isn’t that super easy to imitate? We are sure that many of you have all the pieces and it won’t take long to show them off.



    Converse white platform




    raffia bag



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