When the wandagate exploded, Wanda Nara swore revenge and promised that if he crossed the china suarez was not going to control. A lot of water passed under the bridge and that encounter happened in a top event that took place this weekend. They did not greet each other and peace reigned.

Undoubtedly, a true single night where the host of Masterchef and the actress crossed paths in the Bresh VIP on a night that L-Gante was also there, who was one of those who sang, Wos and several former participants. of the last edition of Big Brother.

Wanda posed with the former little brothers.

Then, the brand new ex rusherking was one of the guests at the after party organized by Lizardo Ponce in his apartment: music, good vibes and new rumors of a rapprochement he had with Lauty Gonzalez, a well-known influencer He was seen talking nearby and the networks immediately began to speculate.

In one of the photos that Wanda took with Romina Uhrig, China is seen behind-

“They break your heart and ask you for love in return. Good Sunday to all.” China had written early Sunday morning. That phrase was attributed to be dedicated to his last ex, but the young singer said -in dialogue with gossip me– that he has the best with the actress and that it looks good that she has fun.

China also had her photo with one of the former Big Brother.

The suggestive dance of China Suárez with Valentina Zenere

Beyond the non-crossing between China and Wanda, another moment that revolutionized the networks was the suggestive dance that the actress had with Valentina Zenere, recognized worldwide for her role in the Spanish series Elite.

The friendship between the two was born in 2010 when they were filming Casi Ángeles, where they played Jazmín and Alai, respectively.

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