Enzo Fernandez got into the hearts of Argentines in the past Qatar World Cup that he got with the Argentine National Team being a key piece from the second game (the 2-1 victory with Mexico in which he scored a goal) onwards. In the last hours, the footballer shared images of the celebration of the fourth birthday of oliviathe daughter he has with Valentina Cervantes.

Happy birthday princess from dad thank you for making me the happiest dad in the world we love you“, wrote Fernandez in your personal account instagram. Along with the caption, she uploaded a reel with tender images of the moment she shared with the family in London.

Enzo Fernández and his 3-year-old daughter Olivia

The publication in instagram It didn’t take long for it to go viral, receiving over 1 million likes. likes and more than 4500 comments from his followers. For his part, Valentina Cervantes wrote: “I love us” in a comment.

The love story of Enzo Fernández and Valentina Cervantes

The steering wheel and his wife met in 2018, when the boy was taking his first steps with the jersey of River plate and she dreamed of being an English teacher, a career she had to abandon when she moved to Portugal in the middle of last year due to the transfer of her partner to the Benfica. Now they are together London.

Enzo Fernández with his wife Valentina and their 3-year-old daughter Olivia

One of the couple’s first outings was at the end of 2018, when the historic Boca-River final for the Copa Libertadores took place: “I recently went out with Enzo (Fernandez) and was in his house. In the first half, when Boca scored the goal, he threw me out and I went homeBecause it was the first time I had watched a game with him and by chance I ended up watching the second half at my mom’s house”, revealed the partner of Enzo Fernández.

In 2019, Enzo and Valentina surprised everyone around them by announcing that they would be the parents of their first daughter, olivia. The girl is the light in the parents’ eyes and she completely transformed the relationship, since they were going through moments of tension like any couple that year due to the pandemic. Alentina put aside her dream of being an English teacher at the time, but today she has become a great influencer on Instagram, a network in which she has 40,000 followers and shares her family’s day-to-day life and her tastes in fashion.

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