Nine years have passed since sienna came into the lives of Nicole Neuman and Fabian Cubero. And although the couple separated and not living the best time as a familyThey have put aside the tension to celebrate, albeit separately, the birthday of their youngest daughter. This Monday, Sienna turned 9 years old and the celebrations were not lacking.

Through her Instagram account, details of the celebration that her parents did, separately, could be seen, but where the birthday girl was seen smiling and very happy in all the images. “Happy, happy on your day and always mommy’s baby. We love you”, were the words he wrote Nicole Neuman at the bottom of the photo gallery that he shared with his followers.

In the photographs, it appears sienna surrounded by her loved ones, her sister Allegra and their cousins, as well as Manu Urcera, the couple with whom his mother will soon marry and with whom he has also shared important moments. With many colors and the rainbow motif, the young woman blew out the candles, but not for the only time, because she would also have a celebration waiting for her at the house of her father, Fabián Cubero.

Photo: This is how they celebrated Sienna Cubero’s birthday at Nicole Neumann’s house

The glamping party that Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte prepared for Sienna

Although her older sister, Indiana Cubero, was notably absent from her celebration with Nicole Neumann, at the home of Fabian Cubero and Mica Viciconte they waited for sienna with a spa day to enjoy with friends.

In the video shared on the camera’s social network, you can see everything that was included in this activity that girls her age love. With “tents” or individual tents ‘also called glamping birthdays-, burgundy robes combined with ribbons for their hair, relaxation class, skin cleaning, makeup, massages and more! What became clear is that the 9-year-old girl had an incredible day, and her smile makes it clear.

There was also a detail that did not go unnoticed in networks, and it was the presence of his little brother, Luca Cubero, who supervised everything from the front row and apparently also had a great time. “We love to see you happy, that you can enjoy with your friends, your family and everyone who loves you. Have a very nice day and enjoy your birthday. We love you,” wrote Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero.

It should be noted that, after five years of relationship, Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero They decided to separate in 2017. and since then they have not had a parental relationship on the best terms.

In fact, they are currently in a legal dispute that would include a complaint against the model by her eldest daughter. What they have made clear on their social networks is that despite these conflicts that they live behind closed doors, the girls share quality time in both houses.

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