Rest and the opportunity to discover new cultures hand in hand were the premises of Jimena Cyrulnik (47) and Facundo (“just dry, because he prefers keeping a low profile”), by immersing himself in a month-long trip through Asia, which included visits to paradisiacal beaches and big cities, to unforgettable moments of relaxation, meditation, and discovery. gastronomic.

“First we spent a few days in New York and then we went to Bangkok, where we toured temples, went to various rooftops and rode a motorcycle. It was complete madness. Then we went to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Win, which are very spiritual cities. There I was with the elephants! And then we came to the south to do a little beach”account exclusively for PEOPLEsharing the best images from his travel album.

One of the iconic photos taken by those who visit Thailand.

Among the destinations they visited are the phuket sands, point that throws the most classic postcards of tourism in that area.

“Thai people are amazing”affirmed the model to PEOPLE.
One of the typical delicacies with which the couple delighted.

-Which was the place you liked the most?

-Difficult to choose one, because they are all very different. In the north you have Buddhist temples almost every three blocks. They are huge and are set to full. The people are super friendly, helpful and greet you with reverence. Thai people are amazing. LikewiseIf I have to choose, I’ll take the beach option and the one that caught me the most is Koh Lipe, a very inhospitable one. We look for the most isolated and solitary beaches. Among those hidden paradises, that was the rarest of all that we met.

Throughout this trip, he chose to visit the beaches less visited by the common tourist.

-How do you discover the different facets of the destinations you visit?

-I like to go alongside the locals, more than the tourists. It’s not that I go into a resort and I don’t get out of there. I like to walk the streets, immerse myself in the markets where people shop every day. It was amazing to keep up that pace. It’s like you know much more about each place and its culture. In the places in Asia that we visit, the opposites predominate: there are very rich areas with great infrastructure and other very humble ones just around the corner.

On the trip there was time for water sports.
The markets where “I got lost” with the best local flavors.

Did something unexpected happen to you?

-I forgot my iPhone for about two hours on a beach, I came back and there it was intact. We are not used to that. Here humility is not associated under any point of view with insecurity.

“Holidays are times to think about new projects and deepen existing ones.”

-During the holidays do you think about projects?

-Yes, re. And I also take the opportunity to shape the ones I already have. The head disconnects and in this way new things arise, because you are out of your routine. So you’re flying elsewhere.

In one of the hotels, with panoramic views of the city.
Exotic fruits: a fundamental part of Jimena and her partner’s Thai menu.

-What outfits of your brand did you choose for the trip?

-The basics of @xyrusar. One is called Sayulita, Beth and Vaima. I chose another classic called Marylin. They were all pitch black. I still came with little luggage, to travel the whole month. I expected to get to the south and be on the beaches to take photos for my brand.

The sunset is a time for enjoyment.
“If I have to choose, I’ll take the beach option and the one that caught me the most is Koh Lipe”Cyrulnik sentence.

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