In the last moment, Karina The Little Princess revealed the drama he was going through due to the depression problems he suffered. Although at present she has assumed it and is under treatment, the subject does not stop leaving the agenda and The Polish, his ex, referred to the situation.

“I did not talk to her about this issue anymore. It is a subject in which I do not get involved, but she knows that if she needs a hand, I will be there ”, revealed the artist in an interview with Intruders.

“I think she has her people, her environment that helps her a lot and on this side, like Sol’s father, she knows that if she needs me,” complete.

In addition, El Polaco highlighted that Karina “is a strong woman who will get ahead” and recalled that “He overcame a lot of adversities, so I’m calm about that, it’s Karina.”

Karina La Princesita expressed her solidarity with Alejandro Sanz

The renowned tropical music singer, Karina The Little Princess sympathized with the Spanish singerAlejandro Sanz then reading the raw message that the artist posted on his personal Twitter, explaining the difficult time he is going through emotionally. The singer, who is going through the same situation, He left him a message of encouragement and tranquility, to show both him and his followers that they are not alone.

Karina and El Polaco, together on Sol’s 15th birthday.

“Reading makes you feel that you are not crazy, that you are not alone, that you are not weird. And that although many do not understand it, and feed on these situations, it will surely pass”, wrote the artist after reading the message of Sanz.

The little Princess She has already told several times about her mental health by revealing that “I go to the psychologist and the psychiatrist, I am controlled for that, I have anxiety and panic attacks,” she assured. It should be noted that a few days ago, the artist suffered a previous anxiety attack to a show in Chaco, and turned to the network to share what had happened to him: “Before going out, I had many or one very strong anxiety attacks, I had a pretty bad time, I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was losing my memory and I I was short of breath, I was going to die. It’s horrible,” she said.

“I’m strong, but my mind is playing tricks on me. I’m taking care of it, it’s all good and it’s part of the process. More than anything so they know how grateful I am, because music does me good. I’m not having a good time, but I share it so that those who are experiencing these things do not feel weird. There are people who understand and understand them. You have to take care of nothing else,” added the artist.

Karina La Princesita’s confession about her depression

One more time, Karina The Little Princess It worried his fans when it became known in the last few hours that he was going through a picture of depression. It is not the first time that the singer has gone through a situation like this, but she confirmed in “THE M” that it is in good condition and that it is being cared for by professionals.

“I’m fine. It is not something that should only happen to me, I suppose that to most people who suddenly understand that many of the things that happen to you today are from things of the past. We all have our times. I’m having to go through this that I don’t know why from time to time I don’t feel well, but this is a positive year because I’m better ”, he began to recount.

Meanwhile, he stated that “it has to do with everything you felt from the time you grew up until you became an adult. You repeat things that do not do you good, you have discomfort and that does not strictly have to do with couples.

“I’m suddenly fine and suddenly I feel something horrible and I don’t know why. Mental health must be given a ball, beyond the morbidity (of the media headlines) because it is a health issue. It all has to do with the ability to resist. Today everything is perfect because I am taking care of the issue, ”he said in the program he hosts. Brito’s Angel.

“These stupid messages that they send you saying you have a daughter, a job and you are successful in your professional life… It has nothing to do with it. I am doing therapy and psychiatry. I’m walking the path of finding out what’s wrong with me. I started this because I come from a depression from many years ago that I put aside because one is a professional who continues to go on stage and everything is fine. But when you go down you have the same problems. I didn’t take care and everything became blacker. I don’t want to be like this anymore, ”she admitted forcefully.

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