The presenter and journalist Diva Jessurum She is one of the most recognized celebrities nationwide., since he has made the entertainment segments of some newscasts. Likewise, she has been in programs like ‘La Red’ and ‘Se dice de mí’, in which people were able to learn a little more about her life.

On this occasion, Jessurum used his Instagram account to tell his followers about an unfortunate situation that happened to him, because they stole his credit card information and with that the criminals managed to make purchases of more than 10 million pesos.

The famous Colombian said that she became aware of the situation when she noticed that her bank’s application on her cell phone had been blocked. She then contacted her bank branch to help her solve the problem, but she was surprised to find out what was really happening.

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“I realized that my credit card was being stolen. They took more than 10 million pesos from me. They bought tickets, PlayStation, Didi food, meals at Rappi… everything,” the journalist said in her video.

She explained that this situation could have happened because criminals stole her credit card information when she was shopping online. “They come in, they steal that data and they end up stealing from you. Everything happened through the purchases I made on the internet, that’s where they got the data and stealing, she told herself.”, he added.

The authorities that investigated the case initially asked Jessurum for discretion. However, after a while they authorized her to speak about the subject in public, since she is already very close to finding those responsible.

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For this reason, she wanted to make this situation public, since she can warn her followers of this type of theft, which could affect anyone, especially those who enjoy shopping online.

This is not the first time that Diva Jessurum has been the victim of a robbery, since in total she has had to go through this situation 12 times. In the video she mentioned that she has been robbed with millionaire rides, robberies at the door of her house, interceptions on the street, with hitmen on motorcycles and on one occasion she left her car parked and when she returned she only found the “shell”.

Several of his followers and colleagues have thanked him for sharing his story, as it helps people to be more aware. One of them was ‘Fat Fabiola’, who told her: “Thank you for sharing the experience. My baby, thieves give more and more surprises. The ingenuity they manage is surprising. We are unsuspecting and we fall. Internet purchases… and what we need to see.”

At the moment, it is known that the authorities are still investigating the case and it is expected that they will soon find those responsible.

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