In the last few hours, the China Suárez officially became the godmother from her long-awaited goddaughter: miu. Name of Japanese origin means nothing less than “beautiful wings”, Union that derives from the meeting of (my) “beautiful” with (u) “feather”.

This is the first daughter of his brother Agustín, who is married to the Japanese athlete Paula Fukuhara. After hearing the special news, the former Almost angels He did not hesitate to share his joy with his 6.3 million followers on Instagram and congratulate the new parents.

Excited, Eugenia Suárez uploaded her first photos of her niece Miu and wrote: “Happy day. My favorite taurine/niece/goddaughter was born“. And immediately she expressed, full of love: “The most beautiful Japanese girl I’ve ever seen. I adore you”.

Miu, the goddaughter of China Suárez.

The wait of China Suárez for her goddaughter Miu

In addition, China celebrated the arrival of Miu and thanked God and life “for this miracle.”

In another of the photos that the actress shared, she winked at her sister-in-law, whom she mentioned as “the oriental queen who gave everything”.

China Suárez with her sister-in-law, her brother and Miu, her goddaughter.

Agustín the perfect brother and uncle of China Suárez

China Suarez She counts on her brother Agustín who helps her with everything and even accompanies her on her trips. The eldest of the Suarez (36) married in January 2021 with the Japanese Pau Fukuharatable tennis or ping pong champion, who currently works as a coach.

“And one day your brother gets married. All the happiness in the world. I love you”expressed the actress on their social networks at that time.

In 2015, the China I present Agustin in public, although in his networks he had previously published some images of his older brother celebrating his birthday and speaking of him as “Ashton” Suárez.

Agustin He was creative director of the advertising agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, and also had a past as an actor. In 2018 he was part of “Pose”, the inclusive series that has more than 120 trans actors. “I congratulate you and I love the initiative. My brother came up with the idea of ​​putting inclusive subtitles. So proud of my brother”had explained the China at the time.

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