He prince louis, William and Kate’s youngest son, won the affection and attention of the public by showing his spontaneous and curious personality during the ceremony of coronation of Carlos III, held this Saturday at Westminster Abbey and later at Buckingham Palace.

The little boy could not contain his excitement during the event and showed himself to be just another child in the world, mischievous, tired and on some occasions even bothering the rest of his royal relatives who had to maintain their composure so as not to laugh with their witticisms.

Prince Louis and his sister Princess Charlotte.

Some of the moments that were televised by Prince Louis and that were later viralized on social networks were mocking gestures, shouts of joy and even yawns of boredom and sleepiness when the day became heavier for his young age.

Prince Louis pouts on camera.

Prince Louis has always been known for his spontaneous and curious behavior, which has generated endless headlines in recent years. Since his appearance on the Palace balcony at Trooping the Color in 2019, the little boy has proven to be the most beloved and uninhibited member of the British Royal Family. At only five years old, Prince Louis has become one of the great protagonists of the coronation of Carlos III, which was followed by more than 100 million people around the world.

The age difference with her older sister, princess charlotteIt was noticed because the eight-year-old girl followed all the rules of behavior like a true lady and even went so far as to ask her brother to behave a bit angry. At the coronation festivities, she wore a gorgeous white cape dress created by designer Alexander McQueen.

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