The Chilean actor moved Lucía Galán to tears in the new video clip that she recorded with the Pimpinela. This new audiovisual installment continues the love story that began last year in the clip for the song Cuando lo veo.

Benjamín Vicuña was again chosen by the duo to conclude this “romance” with the singer. The video is called Lloro and the first images are already published.

The full video will be shared by the musicians from their official channels. At the moment you can see a very sad and traumatic outcome for the singer who breaks down in tears when she sees how Vicuña leaves her life.

Benjamín Vicuña and his relationship with the Pimpinela

Benjamin Vicuna is a lifelong fan of the Argentine duo made up of Lucia and Joaquin Galan. Last year the actor achieved one of his great dreams: filming a video clip with them.

vicuna told in dialogue with Andy Kusnetzoff: “I had to tell them that I started my career thanks to them“, and added that in his childhood he brought the whole family together and sang Forget me and Pega la Vuelta, the classic hit of the musical group.

“I remembered this that we sang as kids and I remember that I was very shy, but when we did the show, we shined”said the Chilean. “I started to empower myself. I’m not a singer, but I’m an actorhe concluded.

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