The Argentine producer known as Bizarrap in a few years went from being a niche taste for fans of the urban genre to being one of the most viewed Latin American content creators in Youtube.

He won various records for his session with Shakira from Barranquilla, with whom he made a song in which the singer “threw” her former partner, defender Gerard Piqué, and her current partner, Clara Chía Martí.

Bizarrap has collaborated with famous singers as well as artists who are just breaking the barriers of recognition in their own countries and genres. But without a doubt, it has become a sensation and a viral hit making machine.

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He was hand in hand with Residente to create the viral shooting against J Balvin, which to date has 158 views on YouTube. She was also the creator of the beat with which Villano Antillano, a Puerto Rican trans artist, became the third collaboration with the Buenos Aires producer with the most views with 216 views. (The most views are taken by Shakira and Quevedo with more than 500 individual views).

The singer began his music career by uploading ‘freestyles’ on YouTube.


Instagram: @Bizarrap

However, one of the questions that many of the fans of the Argentine have finally has an answer. Why don’t any of his songs have a name? Well, the producer calls them ‘Music Sessions’ followed by the collaboration number in order and the guest artist.

Bzrp explains his particular degree

Gonzalo Julián Conde, the real name of the man from Buenos Aires, was recently invited to the Spanish variety magazine ‘El Hormiguero’. There he explained why he doesn’t name his songs.

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Pablo Motos, the host of the named program, asked him about this. To which ‘Biza’ replied that the fans do give names to their songs.

“People are the ones who name the songs, for example, Quevedo’s is called ‘Stay’ and Shakira’s ‘For guys like you'”, explained the Argentine.

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For the producer and “beatmaker”, the fact that each collaboration does not have a name was a matter of how the project arose in its beginnings and never occurred as part of a particular strategy.

“I began to number the bizarre sessions and I feel that this gives it meaning, it is a unique number that people have,” Conde declared. In addition, she confessed that session # 23 was kept from Paulo Londra for three years.


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