Soon to release his new project, Now I fall, Dario Barassi gave an interview in show partners where, in addition to talking about the new game show that he will host on eltrece, he also revealed the reason why her two daughters always have a glasses emoji on them in the photos she posts with them on their social networks.

On this line, the also actor, who was devoted to his artistic role in a series in recent times, remarked that he enjoys “a lot of fatherhood”, and that this time he was able to share much more time with his daughters.

“I’m a very good father (he laughs mischievously). I enjoy fatherhood a lot. In fact, it’s not that I didn’t want to go back to television, but that I was doing a series and the schedule of the series allowed me to be more with my daughters With the television routine, I record all day, about 10 hours, and it costs me a little more. It costs me a little more to let them go, “explained Dario Barassi about why it took him so long to return to the small screen, after his success: 100 Argentines say.

“I am in a moment of great attachment to my daughters,” said Darío Barassi

After being consulted about the great attachment he has with his daughters, Barassi said: “I am enjoying the smallest dwarf a lot. Like every second, my first daughter has me collapsed with love, with this second one we kind of have to reconnect. But I’m at a drool level…”.

Dario Barassi with his eldest daughter on vacation. (Photo: IG).

The reason why Dario Barassi puts glasses on his daughters in all the photos

Likewise, the panelists of the gossip cycle asked him if he was going to take the little ones to the program and if he was going to show them on television, since he takes great care of his privacy on social networks. To which the driver replied, laughing: “It’s true I always cover them with a glasses emoji.”

And he went on to tell a recent anecdote that happened to him on his last family vacation: “This summer when we were traveling we ran into a man from Cordoba who appeared and approached my daughter and said: ‘Let’s see Pipi, the face… Che, but her eyes are good, she’s not cross-eyed, she’s nothing…'”, she recounted with a laugh.

“‘No, she has nothing’, I remarked,” added the driver, to which he explained: “When I’m with the dwarf in a public place they come and grab her and want to see her, and that’s still hard for me. It’s hard to let go.”

Dario Barassi with family. (Photo: IG).

Although, the comedian also remarked that he does not prohibit them from seeing her or taking a photo with her daughters. “I don’t forbid it either, because Pipi is also amused, and since it’s a mini Barassi, if she sees that they only take pictures of me, she says: ‘And why don’t you take me,'” he admitted with a laugh.

Finally, the star conductor of eltrece put an end to doubts about showing his daughters in his new program and remarked: “Until it’s a little bigger, I’m going to bank it with your privacy.”

Dario Barassi’s daughters, always with glasses emojis in the photos he uploads. (Photo: IG).

All the details of Now I fallthe new project by Dario Barassi

Now I fall It will be based on an Israeli format that was very successful in Spain. It is a game show that rewards knowledge and includes simple challenges, with the addition that participants who fail to exceed the objectives fall into the “empty”. The program will have five tests and the winner could take up to a million pesos.

With this cycle, Barassi confirmed his return to the small screen. After his successful work in leading 100 Argentines Say, will be in charge of the new project and great bet of eltrece. It should be noted that the program does not yet have a premiere date, however, in the interview with Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, The famous host and actor revealed that he was about to make a general recording of his program.

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