north west (9) he stole all eyes while escorting his mother, kim kardashian (42), when leaving the hotel towards the Met Galawhich was held on the first Monday of May, like every year.

In the last time, the girl conquered TikTok with his occurrences and stands with a strong personality, perhaps the perfect balance between the characteristics of his mother and those of his father, Kanye West (Four. Five).

She also began to form her own style, always by her mother’s side, ready to dazzle the paparazzi. Despite not being able to walk the steps of the Methe was part of it in his own way. And the flashes adored her.

The little girl wore a looks impeccable and informal at the exit of the hotel where they were prepared. His outfit was made up of jeans, a tweed blazer, platform boots and a mini clutch pearl. He complemented his outfit signed by Chanel with some brilliant accessories, several strands of pearls in composition with Kim and a semi-collected hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian accompanied by North West at the exit of the hotel where they prepared for the MET gala. (Photos: Social Networks)

The reasons why North West could not go to the MET Gala

While fans expected that north west (9) would serve their looks on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, those who know about the subject knew that this postcard will be impossible for many years.

It is that the most awaited gala by the celebrities has a recent rule that prevents minors under 18 years of age from entering to dinner. This it was decided just 5 years agothat is why not long ago we were able to see, for example, Willow Smith (22) giving a lecture with his look in 2016.

For that reason, she could be seen saying goodbye to her mother at the entrance of the event and greeting the curious who came to see the famous in the vicinity of the center park.

The task that North West had regarding Kim Kardashian’s dress

kim kardashian (42) evoked one of his classics at this year’s MET gala: in a clear reference to his production of photos for Playboy of 2007. In a design of schiaparellireversed the look of real pearls, 50 thousand of fresh water and 16 thousand of crystal.

Kim Kardashian for Playboy in 2007 vs Kim Kardashian for the MET Gala 2023. (Photos: Social Networks)

That is why Kimalways attentive to the cost of her diamonds, entrusted her daughter with a very special mission North: collect all the ones that were lost on the way to the entrance of the event. Surely, behind closed doors, he evoked the iconic phrase that Kris Jenner (67) said to him in the middle of production: “You’re doing amazing, sweetie” (in Spanish, “You’re doing amazing, darling”).

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