Soledad Pastorutti and his great love, Jeremiah AudoglioThey have been together for more than 15 years. Both are parents of two daughters (Antonia13, and regina, 10) and maintain one of the most solid relationships in the Argentine artistic environment despite the great exposure of the singer. However, once they went more than four weeks without speaking.

“Is it true that in one round they discussed football and didn’t speak for a month?” La Sole was asked in an interview and, although she does not usually give statements about her private life, she launched into an anecdote tremendous that left all present stunned.

Soledad Pastorutti and her husband stopped talking for a month

La Sole confessed that the rumor was real, that they had fought over the sport that Argentines are most passionate about. The discussion escalated and escalated to such a level that she, since then, made a decision: “From then on I said that soccer, politics and religion are no longer discussed in my house.”

Soledad Pastorutti and Jeremías Audoglio
Soledad Pastorutti and her husband Jeremías Audoglio.

To everyone’s surprise, Soledad Pastorutti He recounted: “It happens that we are from totally opposite teams. He is from River, I from Boca. He is from Belgrano in Arequito and I am from 9 de Julio. But over the years I think we’ve found a way to… Well, I, for example, bank him when we don’t play against him, obviously, and he banks me”. Yes indeed, They decided to stop watching the super classics together.

Soledad Pastorutti opened up: “I had to go knock on Jeremías’ door so he would realize that I liked him”

a while ago, in The Argentine Voicethe singer from Arequito told some unexpected details about the beginning of her romance with Jeremías.

“The truth is that I loved it, you reminded me of when my husband didn’t give me a ball and sang that song alone in the car,” La Sole told a participant who sang ‘I leave all’ from Chayanne. “I don’t know if he played hard but I think she didn’t find out,” added the singer with a laugh.

“I went to my mother-in-law’s house and knocked on the door, but I ran out,” she added amused. “Then he came to look for me at home”, she closed, nostalgically.

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