At the end of last year, rumors of a distancing between indiana cubero and her mom, Nicole Neumann. Some time later it was confirmed that the teenager had decided to stop living in her mother’s house and formally settled in her father’s house. Fabian Cuberotogether with his partner, Mica Viciconteand his half brother, Luca.

In recent weeks, the lawyer representing the 14-year-old girl has spoken to the media for the first time. There she stated that the eldest daughter of the panelist and the athlete had denounced her mother for mistreatment. Since then, Nicole he chose to stay away from the press and, to date, he has not provided any type of statement in this regard.

Nicole Neumann’s first pregnancy

The beginning of the romance between Fabian Cubero and Nicole Neumann It was on everyone’s lips. She was recently married to Nacho Herrero and, after a production of photos in the changing rooms of Vélez, he fell madly in love with “Poroto”.

In less than two years, the model and the soccer player consolidated their relationship. They both moved to Mexico since he was bought for a millionaire amount by Tigres, a Mexican club. A year and a half later, he ended his contract abroad. The athlete wanted to return to live in Argentina and play again in Velez Sarsfield. Much of this decision was based on the fact that he and the model were expecting his first daughter.

Six months pregnant, Nicole Neumann photographed by PEOPLE in August 2008.

“I was one of those who supported the most to return. The idea of ​​having the baby away from my family was something that scared me a lot. Luckily we are here, installed at home and with the baby’s room ready. We both wanted our daughter to be born in Argentina“, Nicole declared to this medium two months after becoming a mother for the first time.

Nicole Neumann in the return of Fabián Cubero to Vélez. August 2008, PEOPLE magazine.

At that time, she revealed that in her first pregnancy she had had few cravings: “Until now, only two. At three months Fabián had to get up at dawn to buy me a chocolate. And a few days ago I wanted to eat a pear So Fabi got up, bought it, and when she brought it to bed I told her I wanted it bare. It was a true act of love.

Nicole Neumann posing for Paparazzi a few months after becoming a mother.

The presentation of Indiana Cubero

At 7:00 p.m. on October 18, 2008, he was born Indiana Cubero. His birth was by caesarean section and he weighed 2,900 kilos. Fabian was with Nicole at all times. “He was never so euphoric,” close friends of him told Paparazzi. He was also present Claudiathe model’s mother.

The baby was 3 weeks ahead of the stipulated date, for this reason the doctors decided to take certain precautions due to the pressure problems that Nicole had during the pregnancy. “The idea was to induce labor, but since it was not possible, because it was not well fitted, the doctors decided that it was by caesarean section”, Cubero commented to the press.

On leaving the clinic, the couple posed for the media with the newborn. “We are enjoying a unique moment, one of those that remain in the memory for a lifetime”, Neumann said emotionally with her daughter in her arms.

The first photo of Indiana Cubero. Paparazzi Magazine, October 2008.

“Indiana looks like momespecially because of those big blue eyes and very white complexion ”, the footballer recounted with emotion about his eldest daughter. Nicole added: “He has Fabian’s nose, chin and hair.”

Nicole Neumann a few months after becoming a mother: “I leave my soul for Indiana”

Quickly Nicole he went back to work and resumed his busy routine. “I don’t care about anything: neither sleep, dark circles, nor being all vomited,” she revealed two months after becoming a mother. She also confessed that she, together with the father of her daughter, were trying to meet again as a couple.

Neumann was very happy for this new stage in his life: “This year I only think of thanking. I am happy because it is the most perfect year of my life. I can not ask for more. I can’t wait to receive Christmas with my daughter.”

“I imagined being like mom. If I get up to give the bottle to my newborn puppies, imagine with a daughter. For Indiana I leave my soul“, the model said without hesitation to Paparazzi.

Nicole Neumann’s first summer as a mom.

Regarding how motherhood had changed her life, she reflected: “I changed a lot as a woman. The ego no longer exists. I walk from here to there with the bags and with my baby. I spent 30 days without being able to do anything about the cesarean section and I didn’t care.”

This is how Indiana Cubero received her brother Luca

On May 6, 2022, Luca was born, the first child of Mica Viciconte and Fabian Cubero. While Nicole Neumann didn’t take this news entirely well, her three daughters quickly adopted the baby as their little brother.

The first photo of Indiana and Luca Cubero together.

Indiana She became the brand new older sister and, according to the baby’s parents, she is in charge of many of his activities. “Fabián’s three daughters love Luca equally. The three of them love him”, revealed with emotion the winner of masterchef.

In this sense, Viciconte assured: “I have an excellent relationship with the three girls, Luca loves being with his sisters and when it comes to uniting families I will always do it. We are family and I want them to have a nice relationship.”

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