Daniela Christiansson became Elle’s first-time mother last March. It is for this reason that through her social networks the Polish model has decided to start sharing with other moms some tips that she acquired in raising her baby girl.

On this occasion, Daniela shared a video with her daughter’s bedtime routine, and at the bottom of it she detailed the steps to follow:

How do I put her to sleep?

  • I start this routine when Elle starts to show signs of exhaustion.
  • I calm her down by stopping any stimulating activity.
  • I change his diaper and clothes if necessary.
  • I wrap her in a blanket or sleeping bag.
  • I calm her down by taking her in my arms and giving her kisses and lots of cuddling.
  • I cradle her and walk while I sing her a lullaby.
  • And when she’s ready to sleep, she always asks me to give her breast milk. So I breastfeed him and he falls asleep like this.
  • When I breastfeed, I put on white noise and continue to sign.
  • I usually wait for him to burp.
  • And finally, I put her in her crib, give her a kiss and say good night.
  • I wait with my hand on her chest for a few minutes until she really falls asleep.

“I do this all the time since routines are key for babies. And I try to be as consistent as possible. Also, when she’s irritable and cranky, I walk her around and rock her until she calms down. There it is only a matter of being patient and talking to her with love and empathy until she relaxes, “concluded the post Daniela Christiansson with a tip for those days when it seems impossible to put babies to sleep.

The post was quickly filled with positive comments for this very helpful content for other women who are beginning to take their first steps in motherhood.

The photos with which Daniela Christiansson celebrated Elle’s 3 months

This week ellethe daughter of maxi lopez and Daniela Christiansson He was three months old and his mother decided to celebrate this beautiful moment with a photo gallery on Instagram. “3 months of you already 🥹❤️ I can’t believe you’re already 3 months old! It’s going so fast!” Christiansson wrote excited about how much her little girl has grown in this time.

Daniela Christiansson celebrated Elle’s three months of life with a beautiful photo gallery on Instagram.
Daniela Christiansson celebrated Elle’s three months of life with a beautiful photo gallery on Instagram.

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