flat street style sandals

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Flat sandals are part of the stylish woman’s wardrobe. All thanks to Hermès, who made their sandals fashionable… And now we see them everywhere. Even other luxury brands like Dior have their own version of these sandals that we call “shovels”. The heat arrives and we rush to the store to make new signings and get a new pair, because it is a shoe that never fails. The most stylish women in the Salamanca neighborhood already have theirs.

What will surprise you are the sandals they bet on. Some very elegant blades in beige and black with jute details from the new season of Lefties. Some sandals that They only cost €19.99. They have crossed straps on the front and they are so pretty… Our favorites are beige and black but they have also released the same version in pink and mustard. Can they be more original? The truth is, no.

With flowing pants, or men’s style shirts in XL size, with shirt dresses or the classic vaporous… The Madrilenas by Serrano and Velázquez wear them with monocolor outfits in beige and earth tones. sometimes even with a blazer, if time allows it. They also wear them with midi skirts and even with denim skirts, so trendy. They are ideal for looks during the day but also for that dinner with friends to which you feel like going dressed flat.

Are they the prettiest flat sandals of the season? Those who boast of them by Claudio Coello or Castelló say yes. Soon we will see them in Marbella. Definitely, These two-tone sandals from Lefties for €19.99 are a real gem. And on top of that they are very cheap.

lefties jute flat sandals


lefties jute sandals



Lefties Two Tone Jute Sandals