This Thursday, the host of the América TV LAM cycle, brito angel talked about the file Jorge Rial-Silvia D’Auro in which he gave details of what was the separation of property after his conflictive divorce.

“The reinstatement of the girls (Rocío and Morena Rial) was requested, to the mother’s house. A hearing was called and the girls said they did not want to return,” De Brito began revealing, noting that this information was established in Justice.

Silvia D’Auro did not charge for the girls, as was said on television, Morena said, but charged for the division of assets“The driver continued revealing data.

Regarding the upbringing of the daughters of D’Auro and Rial, he read from the file: “The girls were raised by drivers and maids.” In another fragment of the document, Ángel tells how the departure of the girls from D’Auro’s house was: “He had to spend the weekend with his father, and Silvia saw that they had taken his clothes from the housein consortium bags, clandestinely, and that they were not going to return”.

They went with Jorge because he didn’t set limits and Silvia did. They went to school with her, but they stopped going when they went with their father“, mentioned the document that De Brito read. On this line, the journalist continued reading the details: “Morena did not finish school. Silvia went to the school to see if they attended. Rial gave her some private teachers because she said that she was bullied at school“.

Morena Rial and Rocio Rial
File image: Morena Rial and Rocío Rial.

In another fragment of the document, Ángel reads a fragment that implied that Jorge Rial did not see comprehensive care for his daughters, such as good nutrition: “They gave Morena a nutritionist and then she went to eat ravioli“.

What is the life of Silvia D’Auro, Jorge Rial’s ex-wife

Silvia D’Auro was married to Jorge Rial for 20 years, they adopted their daughters Dew and Brunetteuntil they decided to separate in 2011. After their divorce, which generated millionaire income for the businesswoman but also caused estrangement with her daughters, D’Auro He decided to get away from the media magnifying glass. A few days ago, the current situation in which she finds herself was known.

A few days ago, Paparazzi revealed that Silvia was no longer living in “city of fury”but he packed his suitcases and moved to San Martin de Los Andes to have a new start. Away from everything that would relate her to her ex, Jorge Rial.

D’Auro He has an online radio station in the province where he lives but he still hasn’t given up his first love, the world of advertising. In Buenos Aires, she has an office where she is dedicated to that business and which she has to visit from time to time.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the businesswoman received a large sum when the divorce of rial. It is stipulated that the blonde received a total of 8 million dollars with which she was able to maintain her standard of living all these years.

Archive Image: Silvia D’Auro.

Silvia D’Auro’s links

As for the romantic plane, Silvia seems to have bet on love again and is in good company. The identity of the lucky man is not yet known, but it is known that she lives in Patagonia and that she maintains a solid relationship with the driver’s ex.

Regarding the relationship with his daughters, it is known that it is not one of the best and More Rial She was in charge of making that known. The young woman appeared on the A la Tarde program and she revealed that she has no relationship or contact with her mother. For me Silvia has been dead for a long time. He is not someone I can get to live in my life. That’s it”expressed the daughter of rial and added: “I believe that a person who completely forgot about their daughters or who decided to retire is a person who has no heart.”.

Silvia D’Auro with her adoptive daughters: Rocío and Morena Rial.

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