The Roy brothers were the result of what was always known about them and power: they were not ready to take on the role they dreamed of. None were up to the task, beyond their aspirations and talents. The last episode also highlighted his father’s last words to them, in a meeting in which he tried to convince them to sell Waystar Royco: “I love you very much, but you are not serious people.”

Even from the grave, the father was always right in everything, although at times it seemed that Kendall, Roman and Shiv also seemed to have compelling reasons to keep everything; but in the end they revealed their emotional conflicts, played brothers and tried to put together the perfect team throughout the narrative.

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Kendall wanted to be a clone of her father, but did not have the caste; Shiv was too ambitious and it was always clear to her that she wanted to be close to power and Roman tried to stay afloat despite her unbalanced nature.

In this family reunion there is space to define the duality of their relationship. Shiv reminds Kendall that she loves him, but couldn’t stand it on a plane of power. She knew she wasn’t going to jump on the ‘power bandwagon’; while Roman is lost and no longer has his compass but he would feel calm and everything collapses.

succession he said goodbye by giving a lecture on suspense without falling into the trap of an unexpected twist. Maybe that’s what the fans wanted, imagining -for example- the rise of Greg stealing the show at the last moment or witnessing a play that could topple his opponent Luke Mattson.

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Shiv was one of the most lost in this farewell.

None of that happened. The brothers played their cards, revealed their ambitions and hatreds (in a splendid scene with the sea as a witness) and came to dream of an alliance. ANDhe fabric of intrigues was cooked with alliances that seemed united by a bond so fine and at the same time fragile; with the tension of achieving the balance of a Roman necessary for the vote that would prevent the sale of his father’s company and knowing of the treason of Shiv in that process.

In a moment everything seemed to be focused on the reunion of the brothers, in their redemption and their union to achieve something, for the first time together. Roman would have the approval he always dreamed of from his father, Shiv would get a piece of the cake decorated with the word power and Kendall would manage to tame those waters that always accompanied him, as a metaphor to show his inability to try to control the tides. of that wild ocean of business.

But Succession marked a more human farewell routewithout a conclusive end and many things remain up in the air, the inflated figures of Gojo Mattson, the near future of a president who looks like a cartoon of Donald Trump or the fate of a Greg who always played several bands and who seems to be the survivor and continue swimming where the current takes you in the new panorama that comes for Waystar Royco.

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Logan Roy (Brian Cox) plays his last cards in the power game against his own family.

the roy brothers they were separated. Shiv ended up adjusting to the painful idea of ​​not being the executive director of the emporium and having to settle for the crumbs of power that Tom, her husband, leaves her, who went from being the lapdog of his partner to being the great betrayer and the winner of this game for power.

For his part, Rom has a drink and rests and Kendall ends up sitting on a bench looking at the sea, with more money, but defeated and understanding that he will never be able to tame the waters of power. History confirms what defines a tragedy and that is destiny is not always the one you want, but the one that was already signed or manifested.




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