the little angel Yanina Latorre she debuted on her radio program and was accompanied by two very important people in her life. Angel de Brito and Viviana Canosa, who knew how to be friends of the journalist for a long time, despite the fact that grizzled has recently drifted away from them. At the interview, Tower he consulted vivian if he was in a relationship or had a love relationship and he made everyone laugh.

surprised, grizzled She assured that she has been single for years. “Nothing, I promised myself that I’ll give it to the next one that appears. I’ve been single for a long time. But I have to see it and want to throw it against a wall and live. Be careful, I’m very prudish and I have a conservative thing, but I always like it only one at the same time” he replied between laughs.

Viviana Canosa spoke about her landing in politics

The journalist and television host Viviana Canosa referred for the first time to the possibilities of entering the world of politics during an interview with the journalist Nicholas Winazki. It should be remembered that the journalist had already been tempted for the last legislative elections, an opportunity in which she made it clear that she was not interested in appearing on any list, for the moment.

With regard to which party he would arrange a possible incursion into politics with, grizzled remarked: “My only issue in politics is with whom. I’m not going to compromise, I see a corrupt man and I say: ‘cut off his hands’. It’s very difficult, right? Because we know a lot about cooking. And also the for what and the why that” started explaining.

They offered me everything: mayor of La Matanza, head of the City Government, senator, deputy. And they tell me that I measure well. I know that if I do politics, I should not be approached by a corrupt person, and that is very difficult.”assured vivianconfessing the interesting proposals that they offered him.

He further added: “I don’t trade with anyone. Don’t tell me: ‘we must vote for this law because…’. No, forget it, I don’t vote for you. But I would not go to the venue to show off, I am going to make my homeland. I want to be in the mud, I prefer to do”.

During the talk, vivian grizzled highlighted the assumption feeling that he has with people on the street, and assured that he always worked and will continue workingfor the people“.

Finally, the popular host, who a few days ago was ignored by APTRA as she did not receive a single nomination for the Martin Fierro de Cableconcluded: “What is happening to me on the street is impressive. I am on the side of the people, not on the side of the politicians. I am one of the herd. During the pandemic I entered people’s houses and there was empathy. And it was seen who was who. I work for the people, and I will always work for the people.”.

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