After completing 12 years of marriage, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco continue to generate headlines around their plight. It is that, despite the fact that the former Olympian has already resumed her official activity practically completely, the truth is that she has not been seen since the Grimaldi began their traditional summer vacation in the Mediterranean.

from there, Speculation grew about a crisis in the royal couple. Although, as with other royal families, there is no official information about the princes’ vacations, the official Instagram account of the principality of Monaco showed Alberto in solo activities.

The prince was spotted at the 10th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: a unique motorboat event in the world that took place in Monegasque waters and that points to a sustainable future thanks to alternative energies.

Alberto de Monaco at the 10th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

The mystery about the whereabouts of Charlene de Monaco

While other members of the Grimaldi family enjoy the charms of the Mediterranean, as is the case with Charlotte Casiraghi or of Caroline of Monacowho is often seen quite regularly aboard the Pacha III (her ship) surrounded by her children and grandchildren, Charlene’s whereabouts are a mystery.

At the moment there is no news from the sovereign and his family, who usually take advantage of part of the summer to settle in the property of Roc Agel, or make a getaway. However, As reported, the prince is expected to start his vacation in the company of his youngest children, Princes Jacques and Gabriella, but without Princess Charlene.

These affirmations have revived the alarms about a complex situation that goes beyond a possible crisis of a couple, and raises the possibility that Charlene de Monaco is really receiving money to formally occupy the role of the wife of the prince of Monacobut with a contract involved.

File image: Charlene and Alberto de Monaco.

Alberto and Charlene is not the first time they have spent vacations apart

It is not the first time that Alberto and Charlene from Monaco spend the holidays separately, but the truth is that, after a few months complicated by the situation of the princess, this reality fuels the rumors of estrangement.

Despite the efforts of both to show themselves as “a happy family”, the rumors of a crisis do not stop persecuting them. Not only is there talk of separate holidays: even, according to the British press, have shared trips in separate beds.

File image: One of the first vacations that the couple knew how to do as a married couple.

The love story of Albert II and Charlene Wittstock

Alberto de Monaco met Charlene in a swimming pool in 2000. She was a famous Olympic swimmer from South Africa. However, It wasn’t until six years later that they met again. at the winter olympics and decided to give themselves a chance as a couple.

Although at first everything seemed love and joy, things were not easy with “the womanizing prince”. A nickname that he earned thanks to his many infidelities and adventures that, in fact, left him with two extramarital children.

File image: the wedding of Alberto and Charlene de Monaco, 12 years ago.

Going out with Alberto II was to accept a life that was not at all monogamous. However, the former athlete went ahead without knowing that the “Grimaldi curse” would ruin her life, say experts in the Crown of Monaco.

After four years of dating, Carlos proposed to the renowned Olympian. She, excited, accepted the union. However, it was rumored that everything was a plan of the royal house of Monaco and that Charlene’s mission was only to gestate her future heirs.

As specified by royalty experts, the royal family knew that the other women Alberto frequented were not fit to hold the Crown of Monaco. Instead, Charlene was a respected athlete; Therefore, they ended up encouraging the relationship between the two to continue and strengthen.

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