duki (27) and Khea (23) kept their fans waiting for several years, but they finally kept their word and released a new collaboration with bizarre (24): “Remember Me”. This single was composed by the rappers a long time ago, but they kept it a secret until this Thursday, when it finally saw the light of day by the successful Argentine producer.

“Remember Me”is the bonus track of Before America -Duki’s latest album- and has a super provocative lyrics and a very catchy rhythm. In the video clip you can see the artists doing their performances in impressive landscapes.

Each one shared the video clip on their networks at the time of its premiere with the legend: remember me available throughout the universe. I hope you enjoy”, and the fans immediately flooded the networks with likes and comments.

Duki and Khea sang together again after two years

The last time Duki and Khea collaborated was in 2021 with the single “wacha”a cumbia trap that played at all the parties in Buenos Aires and brought with it an innovative diffusion proposal: the filters of instagram. At the time, the official poster for the single featured a young woman with the word Wacha tattooed on it. The filter achieved the same effect.

In June 2019, Duki and Khea released one of their biggest collaborations: “Hitboy”, a single that truly became a hit, occupying the number one position on YouTube. In this duo, the ragpickers flaunted their nickname of hiteros and the luxuries they enjoyed for it.

Previously, the ragpickers made “Crazythe song that made them the benchmarks of the genre and that led them to gain worldwide recognition due to its remix next to Cazzu and the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny.

duki just launched Before America , his new album that has 14 tracks and some enigmatic ones. It is that after the premiere, his fans noticed that a song was missing and there was speculation that it was a collaboration. Finally, “Remember Me” is featured as a bonus track from the album.

On the other hand, the ragpicker has just sold out two River Plate stadiums (on December 2 and 3), becoming the youngest Argentine artist to perform a concert on the millionaire stadium. In addition, he also announced his show at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium for June 8.

Duki will be the first Argentine of such a young age to fill a River stadium.

For his part, Khea launched serotoninhis first record work that represented his return after 8 months of absence and confirmed that he will give a show at the Gran Rex theater on August 5. By the way, tickets are available through the site of TuEntrada.com.

Khea will be appearing on the Gran Rex for the first time.

The most provocative phrases of “Remember Me”

Some of the most provocative phrases of “Remember Me”which users quickly detected and commented on on social networks, are: “With a joint in hand and with my genesis”making reference to the 420 culture that is always present in several of his songs.

“What are you talking about? If I left them all ‘on mute, they just say: ‘The Duko is a son ‘e pu-‘”, a verse in which Duki sings and throws a stick at all those who at some point wanted to “dethrone” him. Others say that he is also dedicated to all his colleagues with whom he had some beef.

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