After the failed speech of Benjamin Vicuna in the Martín Fierro where he thanks Argentina for having given him children and love, in clear reference to pampita and forgetting other relationships, the model and Roberto Garcia Moritan They responded by posting a song that many took as a hint to the Chilean actor.

It’s about Radio King’s wool, whose letter says: “Boy, I’m raised from the dead, no one even knows how hard life was…I don’t even think about it now, because I’ve finally found you”.

Pampa's story.
Pampa’s story.

The post, made on the Instagram account of the jury of The 8 steps of the 3 million, had a photo of both and the phrase dedicated to him by her: “I love you”.

A few hours before, Pampita gave an interview to Intruders where they asked her if after the gala held at the Hilton Hotel there was any reproach from the economist for the awkward moment that went viral on the networks and the media, taking into account that both parties were present at the venue.

“No. You are misinterpreting because I didn’t feel that way. I felt that he thanked everyone, everything that Argentina had given him and I never felt identified ”, he answered forcefully.

And he closed about it: “That is your interpretation. It is not like that, I think. It had to do with everything Argentina gave him. I didn’t feel like you. He would never have such an intention. I know him a lot and he also has an excellent relationship with Robert.”

The mother’s advice that Pampita gave Julieta Poggio

The night of the Martín Fierro had its pearls and top meetings. One of them was the pampita

with Juliet Poggio, who were captured by PEOPLE conversing very pleasantly in the room next to the one where the ceremony was taking place.

“Pampita told me: ‘Don’t buy clothes, don’t spend on shoes, that’s going to come by itself. Save up for an apartment. Seize the moment.’ She told me so humbly, she seemed so genuine to me… We love her! ”, Said the former finalist of Big Brother.

Pampita, Julieta Poggio, Daniela Celis and La Tora.
Pampita, Julieta Poggio, Daniela Celis and La Tora.

They also participated in the talk Daniela Celis and The Torahwho were very excited to meet the top model who took the stage that night after the victory of The 8 Million Steps, the program in which she participates as a specialist.

“I told him not to be tempted with things because he is going to receive everything. I told her to save the money so that she can invest in her first apartment because these moments of fury and a lot of work later calm down a bit, ”she explained.

“I remember that the first year I worked as a model, in one year I bought my first apartment and it was a relief since I didn’t have to spend more on rent,” she recalled.

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