Lali Esposito (31) is currently in the Canary Islands, Spain, one of the destinations that make up its Lali Tour 2023 for Europe. From there, the Argentine artist who filled the Vélez stadium, was very excited to be spreading her music in the Old Continent.

For this reason, this Thursday, he made a “dump” on Instagram in which he collected photos and videos of his last days. What she did not imagine is that she was going to receive an unexpected message from the joaqui (28).

The interpreter of “Discipline” uploaded a series of photos to her network feed and titled them “A little of this, a little of that”. In the first of the ten images, It showed itself wearing a bikini in front of the mirror, with sunglasses and a scarf in her hair.

Faced with the shocking selfies that show not only her beauty, but also her freshness, Instagram users were revolutionized and left her all kinds of compliments, even some off-color. Among them, the comment of La Joaquin, the famous RKT singer, drew attention. It is that she left, in view of all, a spicy phrase, almost flirting.

The first image of Lali Espósito’s dump in Spain. Photo: Instagram

La Joaqui’s surprising comment on the photo of Lali Esposito

La Joaqui was shocked and did not hesitate to say it publicly. The trap singer, who always talks about the importance of support among women in the industry, commented: “If you don’t give me your heart, I’ll steal it,” and included two emojis: one with a slimy face, and a heart with sparkles. . To which Lali, without being left behind, she replied: “You already have it … the pasta is missing, but yes.”

The round trip of La Joaqui and Lali Esposito. Photo: Instagram.

Yes ok La Joaqui was missing from social networks Because she was suffering from “traumatic stress” –something that she herself declared–, in recent days she has been active again on her profile and interacted with friends and colleagues from the media.

Lali’s unexpected reaction upon learning that Rels B returns to Argentina

After his show at the Cosquin Rock 2023 and his surprise appearance at the recital by Lali Esposito at the Velez Stadium, Relays B announced his return to Argentina. The Spanish singer will perform on Saturday, September 30 at the Palermo Hippodrome. The news, in addition to creating a stir among his fans, caused a striking reaction from the pop star. It should be remembered that the artists were romantically linked.

Rumors of romance between Relays B and Lali Esposito They began when the Argentine actress starred in the sensual video clip of “How did you sleep?”, the artist’s megahit where they are very affectionate representing a couple. Some time later, the singer accompanied the exCasi Ángeles during her tour of the interior of the country where, for example, they tasted wines in the province of Mendoza.

Rels B and Lali Espósito on the beaches of Mallorca.

Another clue to a possible courtship between them is that last May they were seen walking along the beaches of Cancun, after the ragpicker gave one of the most important concerts of his career at the Sol de México forum. However, neither of them made a statement about it.

Of course, when Relays B announced his show in Buenos Aires, lali He did not hesitate to share a striking message on social networks: “I do not wear chains and it is what makes me more loyal. If we are not both free, I cannot love you better. Everything has been trial and error, and love is stronger “. This phrase is part of his song “Unconditional”… will it be dedicated to the artist? His fans ask him.

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