Little was known about the privacy and history of fito paez until the premiere of his biopic “The love after Love”which was a resounding success in Netflix. Although the tragedy that struck his family and that culminated in the life of his grandmother and great-aunt -they were murdered in 1986- is public knowledge, little is known about his parents and his musical influence on the Rosario singer-songwriter.

It was on November 7, 1986, that Fito Páez learned the worst news. He was on tour in Rio de Janeiro when he was told from Buenos Aires that Josefa Páez, 80, and Delia Zulema Ramírez de Páez, 76, a great-aunt and grandmother, had been murdered in cold blood. respectively; also to Fermina Godoy, the domestic employee of the house, who was pregnant. The musician was next to Fabiana Cantilohis partner at that time.

Fito Páez, as a child, with his grandmothers, Josefa and Delia.

However, Fito’s life had already been hit by a tragedy long before. His mother, Margarita (a name that Fito would choose for his daughter with Romina Ricci), died when he was only eight months old.

Who were the parents of Fito Páez

Despite the fact that Fito Páez did not get to know his mother, the piano that she played, and that was in his childhood home, was fundamental in his development as an artist.. The woman was a concert pianist and a teacher of arithmetic and algebra. Eight months after the birth of “Rodolfito”, he died of liver cancer.

“I was healthy, but when I was born they did not remove the placenta properly and that generated the mole. A mass of cells from the placenta that became a tumor. It was a matter of months. At the same time, the mole has the effect of pregnancy, but she felt worse and worse. Of course, an alien was growing, which was not a being. It is a horrible cell mass, “Fito said a few years ago in an interview with Gatopardo.

Margarita, the mother of Fito Páez. in the series The love after Loveis played by Victoria Bernardi.

On the other hand, his father, Rodolfo, was a hierarchical employee of the municipality and a music lover: he loved going to record stores and buying vinyl with his son. The man passed away in December 1985 and was a key figure in Fito’s lifesince it introduced him to the world of music.

In 2022 Fito dedicated a post to him for Father’s Day: “Don Rodolfo Páez was a noble and loving father. He showed me the songs, the books and the movies. He bought me my first electric piano and he reluctantly took me to the Rosario Central field, ”he wrote.

Fito Páez drinking mates with his father Rodolfo.

In addition, in 2008, Fito revealed some memories of his childhood to Rolling Stone: “He ran the Municipality in Rosario and reviewed the files. I would read the file and he would check if his copy was correct. And meanwhile, he was loading the record player with Jobim, with Sinatra, with Goyeneche, with Troilo, with Oscar Peterson, with Debussy ”.

The importance of Margarita, Fito’s mother, in his successful musical career

In the same dialogue, he talked about the influence his mother had on his musical career. “There was a piano at home, but during my childhood it was never played: the ghost of my mother, all that. It was a family piano, upright, old-fashioned. It was a very rare German Forster piano: embroidered, exotic, with some chandeliers. And my grandmother had played it, then my aunt Charito played it along with my mother, who were from the same generation, and then it stayed there… Until one Friday night (they were playing The man who came back from the dead with Narciso Ibáñez Menta), I lowered the volume on the TV and, to everyone’s surprise, I went to the piano and began to play some clusters. He was less than nine years old and they were all shocked. I was thinking about the cinema, in a way, making music for an image trying to make it work. And they celebrated a lot.”

In 1986, after the death of his grandmothers, Fito Páez released the song part of the air. A topic where she imagined a new meeting with her parents, beyond the earthly plane, where they end up flying free, away from evil and pain. The single is part of his double album la la la and plays it with Luis Alberto Spinetta.

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