A couple of Nigerian origin surprised the scientific community and their environment after they gave birth to a blonde girl with blue eyes in a London hospital, according to what they told the newspaper The Sun. Benjamin and Angela Ihegborothey welcomed their daughter, and they appreciated her birth despite the great surprise.

In an interview that the girl’s parents gave to the British newspaper, Angelathe 35-year-old mother, said that when she saw her, she said that it was “a miracle baby.” but that together with her 44-year-old husband, they were stunned by the physical characteristics of the little newborn. “We are not aware of any white ancestors, we believe this is a strange twist in genetics.” explained the girl’s father.

By name, the couple decided to put nmachiwhat does it mean ‘the beauty of god’, and it is that this little girl, blonde and with big blue eyes, seems to have a close relationship with the divine, at least for her parents. In addition, the surprising baby has two older brothers, both of color, just like her parents.

Regarding the disconcerting situation, the specialists indicated that “in the mixture of human races, a slight variation of skin tone may occur”but this time it is something extremely unusual and they believe that the most accurate explanation is the unknown mutation: “The rules of genetics are complex and we still have not been able to understand what happens in various cases” assured a scientist who dealt with the subject. Skin color is determined by approximately 12 distinct genes that control pigmentation or the melanin it produces.

“It was ruled out that it was a case of infidelity”

The teacher Bryan Sykesof the Oxford University in England, wrote in a research paper on the case: “We are all genetic mixes to some degree and there will occasionally be a convergence of the pale versions of these genes in African Americans and Black and White Caribbeans. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, parents are Nigerian with little known white ancestry.”

After ruling out that the girl is albino or that the woman has been unfaithful to her partner, the experts conclude that it is an unknown genetic mutation. “It’s very strange, we had a blonde in a black family, she’s my daughter, but I don’t know why she’s blonde”said the baby’s father.

The couple recounted that after the birth they sat looking at her in silence, he was so surprised that he jokingly questioned if it was really his daughter. But Ben He assured that he does not doubt that the little girl is his, he refuses to consider the possibility that his wife has been unfaithful to him. “Of course it is mine, my wife is faithful. Even if she hadn’t been the baby she wouldn’t look like thishe explained.

Until science solves this mystery of genetics, the important thing is that the girl has a family that, although she has a different skin color, has welcomed her with unconditional love. “She is beautiful and I love her, her color does not mattersaid Angela, her mother.

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