Abel Pintos (39) and Lionel Messi (36) have had a beautiful friendship for several years and mutually admire each other’s work: the singer-songwriter is a big soccer fan -Racing fan- and adores Rosario’s crack, while the captain of the Argentine National Team has already confessed who usually listens to Antonela Roccuzzo, his wife, several of the artist’s romantic songs.

The relationship between the Messi family and Abel Pintos dates back to June 30, 2017, the day Lionel and Antonela got married in their beloved Rosario and the musician appeared as a surprise to entertain the couple with his sweet voice.

Some time ago, the singer revealed how he was called to perform at the wedding: “I agreed to go because they told me that they wanted me to be there that day. They told me that Antonela, in particular, had a very nice connection with my song and that she accompanied them at different times.. It was exciting and very nice”, began recounting Abel invited in PH: We can talk.

Antonela Roccuzo and Lionel Messi got married in 2017.

And he continued: “So I said ‘let’s go’ and I was locked up in the hotel for a day and a half so that no one would see me because it was a surprise for her and also for him. So, when it was my turn to go out, I had to go through a kitchen and then I saw the two of them. I was finishing the ceremony and it was very exciting.”

Finally, the singer revealed the act of generosity that the couple had after they sang at their wedding: “When I finished singing, I go back to the room and they call me to tell me that they wanted to say hello and thank me. We meet and they are two divine. We took a photo, but it was funny because when there was a silence of five secondss the three of us asked to take a picture”.

Abel Pintos posed with Antonela Roccuzo and Lionel Messi on their wedding day.

Abel Pintos will sing at Messi’s presentation at Inter Miami

on sunday the inter miami will present to Lionel Messi as an official part of the MLS. The event will see several high-impact musical numbers, such as those of Camilo and Ozuna, and it is speculated with the participation of Shakira, Maluma and Bizarrap. However, who is confirmed and represents a true gift for both the striker and his partner, Antonela Roccuzzois Abel Pintos.

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Abel Pintos will sing in the presentation of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.

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