Uma Fabbianithe daughter of Amalia Granata and Fabián “El Ogro” Fabbiani celebrated his long-awaited 15th birthday last night, in an exclusive room in Benavidez. The deputy for the province of Santa Fe admitted that she has been managing this great night for a year: “I have been saving for a year. Today a stage closes“, told in the previous to the celebration in a mobile with America TV.

True to her style, she chose a single dress that accompanied her throughout the night. Long, with a provocative V-neckline and a bright bluish color, like the scarf she defended in the fight for the legalization of abortion. The journalist wore her hair with some waves, and he make up chosen, in gray and nude tones, they matched perfectly with the colors of your outfit and gold accessories.

Amalia Granata wore a blue dress with a buckled belt. (Photo: Social Networks)

They are not sequins. shine, shine”, pointed out Amalia in conversation with louis ventura in True Secrets. Mother and daughter were very happy, excited about the great night that turned out just as they dreamed it.

The details of the dress gave it the touch: silver glitter, 3/4 puffed sleeves, a subtle lengthwise cut and a belt with a buckle, also golden. Her totally bare back crowned her look, encouraging himself to also show the tattoo on his back. For the shoes, he did not have many options: he had to choose very high sandals to be at the height of his daughter Uma.

Amalia Granata showed the back of the look she chose for her daughter Uma Fabbiani’s 15th birthday. (Photos: Social Networks)

Uma’s 15th birthday: this is how the previous Amalia Granata and her daughter lived

The celebration will have 140 guests, of which 100 are friends and the rest are relatives of um and Amalia Granata.

Marcelo Polino and Baby Etchecopar they are the only colleagues from Granata who will be present. “I did not invite anyone out of commitment,” the provincial deputy for Santa Fe said bluntly.

I told her that she looks like a granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand“, ironically explained Amalia in dialogue with True Secrets, from the living room. Her daughter will have three changes of clothes designed by Facundo Wendler: “I had a really hard time deciding what to wear,” the teen revealed in the hours leading up to the big night.

Amalia took advantage of this night to highlight her daughter’s best features: “I admire that she is very good and healthy. She is super sensitive and a companion. We share a lot of things together. She is very noble and has a pure heart.”

The party will last until dawn. It has a DJ that will set the scene for the night and will play Uma’s favorite songs. She will also be playing a live band, but they haven’t revealed what that will be. The gastronomic proposal will be on islands with different gastronomic themes. The main ones will be sushi and Mexican food.

“My mother made an effort to have everything I always wanted. It’s heavy to put together such a big party, but she accompanied me,” said the birthday girl before the big celebration.

leo squarzon, Amalia’s partner, was one of the first to share images of her outfit. The man posed next to Roque, the son in common with politics. “We are ready to celebrate Uma’s 15th birthday,” he wrote.

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