Luckily, the world is adapting so that more and more brands become aware of how it is manufactured and this also affects our way of consuming. In the midst of a ‘fast fashion’ industry that is losing some steam because people know more and more how this type of clothing is made, how polluting it is to make it and the working conditions of many firms, the buyer begins to be more interested for all these aspects.

Are we buying more responsibly and consciously? Perhaps everything tends to have a good quality wardrobe with few clothes, but we know how to buy. In the lives of many, the issue of sustainability is beginning to have a lot of weight. I don’t usually buy a lot of clothes, just what I need.

I recycle a lot and I don’t go for the latest because my style is rather basic, but I do try to opt for brands that meet certain values. We recently commented on the wonderful UMA Intimates bra, the Clotsy dress with a waiting list that makes a total guy and now I get into sportswear and discover Fitplanet.

His sets are made with plastic bottles taken from the sea and I didn’t know how it was going to look, to be honest, I loved the strawberry model (I didn’t have anything similar) with the silhouette of a little seal on the top and another on the leggings.

It is not a funny drawing, but rather This brand allocates part of the profits to an NGO that protects a marine animal. My set was called a ‘seal’ because it helps the CBD-Habitat marine NGO that has a project for the conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal in progress. They guard the last colony of 400 Mediterranean monk seals located in Mauritania 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to prevent fishing, poaching and collisions with boats,” the brand says.


78.80 euros

SEAL set – maroon

And so with all the sets that are not only made with plastic bottles that they take from the sea, but are in solidarity with the animals that live in it.

But it is that I receive it at home and I hallucinate with the quality, the comfort and with how good it feels. It has nothing to envy to the giant and more commercial brands but, in addition, it is cheaper and more sustainable. The whole set costs 78.80 euros.

Fitplanet is a Spanish company that develops in confinement and has a very small profit margin. They make clothes but also meet to collect plastic from the sea on the beaches and in the ocean itself, instruct and give training on the environment and believe in the possibility of recovering the earth by doing things right.

I have to talk about the bikinis and swimsuits, they are made with the nets that they extract from the seafrom there they elaborate a thread and make bikinis with normal panties, thongs or whole (this one is coming home).




But beware, the bikinis…




Can we confirm that we have discovered a treasure rescued from the sea? Without a doubt, yes.