Josephine Pouso was the protagonist of a major accident this morning at the Pan American and that is why he was not present at us in the morning. As soon as the program started, Alvarez Chicken said: “There was a chain crash in the Pan American. José Alright“.

Later, the journalist went live on a video call and told how she felt after the scare she suffered: “I’m fine. I’m getting the adrenaline out of the situation. I have a little discomfort in the cervicals, due to the typical whiplash“.

After, Josephine He continued recounting the details of the road incident: “I was going to the radio, at 5.40. At that time the Panamericana is good, there was no heavy traffic. However, at kilometer 202 the cars began to slow down. It is something surprising for that hour“.

Those in front brake hard and I brake behind. But when I see that I am going to be very close to the one in front, I switch to the lane on the right. There I looked back in the mirror and saw a traffic that did not come to stop, I closed my eyes, and it put it fully on me“, he recounted before the microphones of The thirteen.

In the same vein, the journalist recounted: “The crash in front of me is because I spun and hit the traffic again from the side. It was strong. There are two more cars involved that the traffic hit“. Later, a tow truck had to go get her car and she is going to check to see if she has any injuries.

We do not call the ambulance. At that moment I was perfect, I didn’t feel anything. There were no visible injuries. We all wanted to resolve the situation. Now, when I leave the car, I’m going to make myself seen, to get a plate, something, to reduce the contracture“, hill Josephine Pouso.

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