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For those who can’t see romantic movies in paint anymore, can’t stand the thunderous explosions of action movies, who hate space travel or think that horror movies and animated feature films are respectively reserved for insiders and children, why not immerse yourself in a good thriller? In this regard, the Netflix catalog offers a rich offer of films whose suspense will keep you in suspense. Télé-Loisirs offers you a selection of the ten best Netflix thrillers to watch on the platform.

I Came Bya British film that will take your breath away

“I have been there”in other words “I came by”. This is what a young graffiti artist, played by George McKay, strives to inscribe on the walls of London, night after night in the thriller of the same name released on August 31, 2022 on Netflix. The graffiti artist mainly ventures into the beautiful districts of London’s elite. But one evening, he comes across the house of judge Hector Blake, camped by Hugh Bonneville, and discovers heavy secrets there. George MacKay, the spring-loaded graffiti artist, was widely noticed in 1917 playing Blake Schofield. As for the judge, who will undoubtedly be the chilling surety of this Netflix thriller, he is played by the one we all know as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey.

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I Came By

Zodiacthe suspense film par excellence

In the late 1960s, a serial killer sowed terror in San Francisco, killing 37 people. A press cartoonist, Robert Graysmith, embarks on an investigation that will last for years. Signed David Fincher, this relentless thriller is a demonstration of technical and narrative mastery. And the obsessive quest led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, all three remarkable, is a model of its kind.

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The song of the wolfwatch out for the lack of oxygen!

During a mission in Syria, Chanteraide (François Civil), nicknamed Chaussette, “the golden ear” (specialist in charge of recognizing the slightest noise) of a French submarine, spots an unidentified sound trace. To say more would be inappropriate as this aquatic suspense, which competes without blushing with the American classics like In pursuit of Red October or USS Alabama, reserves reversals of situation which hold in suspense until the last second. With Chaussette and his superiors D’Orsi (Omar Sy), Grandchamp (Reda Kateb) and Alfost (Mathieu Kassovitz), the spectator is immersed in noise and smoke, to the point of feeling totally lost in the middle of the waves, in a incredible international framework concocted by Antonin Baudry, a former diplomat. Impressive !

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The song of the wolf

Backlasha camera with suffocating suspense

A man alone, in the majestic setting of a luxury villa isolated in the countryside. He walks, silent, then begins to search the house. Who is he ? What is he looking for? Things get complicated with the arrival of a couple who own the place. Our individual is therefore a burglar. And seems determined to make life hard for the two lovers he now keeps within the walls of the house. Gradually, the tension mounts, and the suspense thickens. Very quickly, the plot of Backlash turns behind closed doors, a confrontation between three people cut off from the outside world, with what that counts as tense discussions and verbal contests. A little electric game embodied by three amazing actors, which we did not necessarily expect such a “party”. Incarnated by committed and sometimes counter-employed actors, this high-tension thriller navigates troubled waters, to the delight of the viewer. The film bathes in a dark atmosphere while reserving certain moments of humor – very dark. From a relatively simple initial situation (an aggressor and a couple of victims), the false pretenses are revealed, the adventures multiply, the affair becomes more and more inextricable and the suspense is maintained until the final, surprising . Good game !

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Splitdeep into the psychological thriller!

M. Night Shyamalan, director prodigy of Sixth Sense (1999), made a resounding comeback with this thriller of pure anguish. The story of three teenage girls who find themselves in the hands of a kidnapper with identity problems. This one has already revealed 23 different personalities. The 24th, terrifying, is about to emerge. Unlike Anthony Perkins, the brilliant Norman Bates of Psychosis, of which he is reminiscent, James McAvoy does not need a wig to bring the multiple avatars of this madman to life. Bald head, staring, he delivers a mind-blowing performance. Between horror and superhero film, this feature film with a labyrinthine story holds many chills.

Rebeccaa good remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic

On vacation in Monte-Carlo, Maxime de Winter, a wealthy widower, falls under the spell of a young lady-in-waiting with an unobtrusive character. Quickly, he asks her to marry him. The couple settled in England, at Manderley, the family estate of Maxime de Winter. The house is run by the icy Mrs. Danvers, who worshiped Rebecca, Maxime’s previous wife. The new mistress of the house, gentle and fragile, has a hard time imposing herself.

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The platforma Spanish film that will chill your blood

Characters imprisoned in a geometric and sanitized environment, a strict regulation based on a separation by social class: we necessarily think of Cubeby Vincenzo Natali and Snowpiercer, of Bong Joon-ho in front of the concept of this film. However, The platform, both dreamlike and horrifying, finds its singularity from its first shots. The atmosphere, tense, and the excellent actors make the rest of the interest of this gripping suspense.

American Psychowhich series was inspired by this film?

In 1980s America, Patrick Bateman, a body-worshipping Wall Street golden-boy, dines in upscale New York restaurants, snorts coke at hip parties and cruises a complicated sentimental relationship between his fiancée Evelyn Williams and his mistress Courtney Rawlinson. Beneath its smooth appearance hides a terrible darkness. In secret, Patrick Bateman indulges his most basic instincts and attacks homeless people, prostitutes, models, rivals… whom he murders with an ax or a chainsaw. Methodical and sure of himself, Patrick Bateman always eludes Inspector Donald Kimball. Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis’ bestseller, this thriller is both a satire of an era obsessed with money and superficiality and a portrait of a psychopath who slips into a morbid madness. Series Profit was particularly inspired by this film.

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The Woman at the Windowone of the best thrillers of 2021

Agoraphobic and depressed, Anna hides in her apartment. When a family moves in across from their home, they start watching them from their window. One day, she witnesses a crime, but no one believes her. Amy Adams alone carries this paranoid thriller with an effective final twist. In 2022, Netflix offered a parody with The woman who lived across from the girl at the window.

The Guiltyan oppressive thriller from the cold

In Copenhagen, Asger Holm, an officer at odds with his hierarchy, is temporarily assigned to the police telephone emergency service. Disillusioned and little concerned by the fate of the people who call him, the man is interrupted by a journalist who is trying to collect his testimony in a case that concerns him, but refuses to comment. Later that evening, Asger receives a call from Iben, a woman who claims to have been abducted. The police are doing everything possible to find her. A small tour de force, this oppressive camera is an immersive dive into a breathless race against time.

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The top 10 best Netflix thrillers to watch in November 2022

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