Charo Calamaro (16), who maintains a very low profile, shared the best photos of his student trip to Israel. On his public Instagram account, on which he has more than 16 followers, he showed off the highlights of his journey.

Charo Calamaro in Israel

The teenager posed in Old Jaffa, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. The particularity of this tourist site is that it has many art galleries, theaters, museums and bars.

Israel through the lens of Charo Calamaro

The post quickly received many likes and comments. Among them, that of his mother, Julieta Cardinali, who wrote: “My life” stood out. Then her friends praised the photo and assured that they miss her very much and await her return to the country.

Charo Calamaro’s last trip to Madrid

charo calamaro He shares his life between Argentina, where his mother lived, and Spain, the country where his father lives. The teenager usually travels frequently and Madrid is, without a doubt, one of her favorite places.

From his Instagram account he shared the best images of his stay in the old continent. What surprised her the most is the great resemblance to her mother, Juliet. Both blondes, fans of fashion and art.

Charo Calamaro in the Retiro Park, Madrid

His postcards in Spain were highly praised by his followers. Among them were: Graciela Borges and Natalia Graciano. “How good Madrid suits you”, was one of the most liked comments and was made by Matías Martin.

Charo Calamaro in Madrid

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