In the middle of the year 2000, one of the most explosive romances in the world was confirmed: Shakira and Antonio de la Rua. At that time, she was in one of the most critical moments of her career and he was the son of the then president, Fernando de la Rua.

Both made their romance official in Miami. At that time, the young man advised his father on his political career and was in charge of his publicity and image. To make this trip, he asked Fernando for permission and found himself in the United States with his girlfriend. The brand new couple had dinner with the singer’s relatives and then they kissed on the paradisiacal beaches.

Cover of GENTE magazine for May in the year 2000. Shakira and Antonio confirmed their romance.

Without a doubt, his first walk along the coast did not go unnoticed. Thousands of paparazzi followed the star of the moment and the young lawyer for every corner they stepped on. According to the people who saw them for the first time in public, they did not stop hugging during the whole day and they really enjoyed the sea. Shakirawho was already settled in Miami, was the perfect tour guide for her boyfriend.

The Colombian and the Argentine fell in love at first sight. He had attended a concert of hers at Luna Park, two months before the confirmation of her engagement, and they fell in love. From that moment they became inseparable for a decade.

The first photos of Shakira and Antonito de la Rúa.
PEOPLE Magazine, May 2000.

Shortly after starting this relationship, the lawyer began to get involved in the Colombian’s career and manage various contracts. For a long time he was talked about as the artist’s manager. Years later, through legal conflict, Shakira’s lawyers assured that she had helped in hiring and songs, but was not her representative.

The couple surfed several scandals. They were mostly linked to the political career of Antonito’s family. Despite this, they kept going. She sealed her love for him with the renowned song “January day”belonging to the disk Oral Fixation Volume 1.

Antonito driving Shakira’s Mercedes Benz in Punta del Este.

Over the years, rumors of a crisis began to grow between them. To quiet these versions, in 2006 they announced their engagement and assured that they planned to get married in 2009.

The wedding did not take place and, 11 years after they met, they separated. The statement they gave said: “We view this separation as temporary and a time for individual growth as we continue to be partners in our business and professional lives.”. Soon after, the singer began her relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Shakira and Antonito de la Rúa in Punta del Este

After this break Antonito decided to sue Shakira. The man claimed to have put his profession aside while he was with her and helped her forge her successful career. The singer’s lawyers refuted: “She was already an international success when she met De la Rúa in 2000.” The Colombian counterattacked her ex-partner, accusing him of taking almost 7 million dollars from a bank account she had abroad.

Over the years, the ex-partner smoothed over their rough edges and they were able to reach an agreement. They currently have a good relationship. In fact, it was commented that he offered her help when she separated from Gerard Piqué.

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