It is known that the private life of Santiago del Moro it is practically a mystery. Known for keeping every detail to himself, this Monday he surprised by sharing a retro photo that shows one of his best kept secrets. In the same he can be seen like never before: dressed in carnival attire, like a worthy member of a troupe.

“This is great! My old lady just sent me this photo that she found stirring up some memories hahaha ”, she wrote in a post in which she can see it in action.

It is that the image, in addition to how unusual it seems, hide a message that can be taken by all those who feel that they have not yet achieved success in what they are looking for.

“I’ll tell you… They sent me in my beginnings on TV to cover carnivals. I never thought that this included putting on that ‘outfit’ and going out to the comparsa. Everything is to get the note and follow my dreams ”, manifested.

“They painted me all over and let me out to sambar! A while ago I told the anecdote and today the testimony appeared and I wanted to share it!!! I’ll be back on the slopes at any time, ”she closed with a laugh.

Santiago Del Moro gave his opinion on “Masterchef”

“Last night I saw a bit of Masterchef, I was on vacation and hadn’t seen it, I love the program, I love the boys and Wanda too, I have the best”, started explaining. Then he spoke about the alleged retweets of the businesswoman where he assures that she is a better driver than him: “Ask her about that, not me. I don’t answer things that I don’t say, nor do I care,” he said a few days ago in dialogue with LAM .

Santiago del Moro confirmed that he will host the next edition of Big Brother

With respect to Big Brother, Santiago assured that he was surprised with the impact of the program on the public. “What happened with Big Brother was spectacular, we are very happy. It was a program that surpassed me, I didn’t think it would have the repercussion it had, it was a program that had to come out every day and there are things that depend on you, such as the work you do on the air and then everything that is generated on the show, it wasn’t just a TV show but something that crossed a lot of boundaries.”.

He then explained that some modifications are expected in the 2023 edition. “As the editions go by, things from other places that we have not seen will be implemented.” And he closed by explaining: “There are three times more registered at this point than the previous time. Big Brother is a format that the world has never stopped, so what we did in this first edition is to go to the most conventional, because there is a generation or two that did not know the format and they took over.”

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