A 64-year-old man in Ohio, United States, suffered a strange reaction in his tongue, it turned green and a kind of beauty came out, as a side effect of smoking and taking antibiotics.

The case was reported by New England Journal of Medicinethis was what happened.

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The man went to the medical center after noticing that his tongue had begun to change to a greenish color.

According to the clinical report, this man stated that he had taken antibiotics three weeks before presenting this particular color because he had an infection in his gums.

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In addition to this, the man stated that he had been a smoker for several years, although his exact age or the number of cigarettes per day was not stated. The experts pointed out that they found no relationship between color, the growth of hair on the tongue and the consumption of antibiotics.

However, doctors diagnosed the man with hairy tonguea condition characterized by an abnormal layer on the upper surface of the tongue, also called the dorsal area that causes the papillae to grow abnormally.

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According to research cited by ‘The Daily Mail’, cigarette smoking can lead to the accumulation of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In addition to this, antibiotics can alter the microbiome of the area allowing bacteria to accumulate on the tongue.

Fortunately, this man, this condition is temporary and harmless, patients can take oral scraping or wash four times a day with a toothbrush.

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According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, hairy tongue may affect 13% of people in this country. It can happen at any age and is more common in men than women.

Which are the risk factors?

Among the risk factors for hairy tongue to occur are: smoking, poor oral hygiene, dehydration or antibiotics. People who have had this condition may get it again in the future.

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