The actress, Gimena Accardi was invited to the program of Fer tooth, No.night al Dente(America), where he reviewed several anecdotes of his life and different moments of his childhood and his career, when an accident occurred on the air. When telling a story, she hit the glass of water next to her with her hand and it all fell to the studio floor.

In order not to leave her alone, the driver joked with the scene and threw away his and blessed her between laughs, as if expressing that “nothing happened”. However, accardi He couldn’t hide his embarrassment at the situation and asked to clean it up. Minutes later, Nico Vásquez’s wife confessed: “I swear I’m having a bad time. I have a moon in Virgo and I can’t see that lying around. That’s why if they bring me a rag I stop and clean it”.

The comment generated laughter and surprised the driver who did not hesitate to stop so that the sequence remains in the history of television. From the production they brought him a floor cloth and he did not stop until he cleaned it.

Gimena Accardi recalled her experience in Casi Ángeles: “The shows we did were like those on Broadway”

Casi Ángeles was one of the productions most loved by young Argentines. This series had four seasons and was a hotbed of great actors and actresses who are now working successfully within the medium. One of them is Gimena Accardiwho is currently fully focused on the theater.

The actress was a guest at Socios del Espectáculo and together with the team, they reviewed the most important roles of her career. The first and main thing that stood out was her when she participated in the fiction made by Chris Morenawhere he played the role of Malvina Bedoya Aguero.

To get into the topic, they showed a fragment of a scene where she is seen gymnasium next to Nico Vazquez (playing the role of Nicholas Bauer). “That was in the second year of Casi Ángeles and we were already dating. How little! I was 22 there and Nico was 30”she recalled the first couple moments that she lived with her current husband, while they worked together.

“We were in the first two seasons and we had a great time”he expressed and then added that they also worked a lot because they not only recorded the episodes but also performed the different functions in the theater. “We recorded for 12 hours and then we were going to do 3 shows at the Rex”he claimed.

On the other hand, several months ago news came out about a very high level of labor demand on the part of Chris Morena towards the young people who worked with her. About this theme, gymnasium clarified: “We were not slaves. There is a contract where one has to fulfill the hours..The boys worked less so the adult cast was there from 7 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon at full capacity”.

“Everything he does is hits. They are very successful things,” commented on the figure of Chris Morena and added: “It was a rage and the Rex, making those theaters with 3,500 people that fill up, was something incredible. With Nico we looked at each other and said how crazy it is to be doing theater with how difficult it is. A show of this magnitude, which is mega Broadway that Cris does”.

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