He King Charles III received Scottish Honors at a National Service of Thanksgiving at St Giles Cathedral in the company of his wife, the Queen Camilla Parker-Bowles. It was a highly anticipated ceremony in which the Scottish crown jewels were presented to the new monarch of the United Kingdom.

This second coronation is encompassed within the royal week in Edinburgh, which will include different celebrations to honor the monarch. In that sense, the princes of walesknown as Dukes of Rothesay in Scotland, did not miss this important event, where Kate Middleton got all the attention with her look in cobalt blue.

The keys to Kate Middleton’s look at the second coronation of King Carlos III

Taking into account that her role in this ceremony is not to be the protagonist, the Princess of Wales chose to reuse this elegant long coat in cobalt blue fitted silhouette with velvety lapelsstructured shoulders and large front buttons.

It’s about a design by Catherine Walker which premiered on Commonwealth Day 2022, but which we recently saw again for the Easter mass that took place in St. George’s Chapel.

As for footwear, he has opted for some cobalt blue heels signed by Emmy London. While, instead of a tiara, the princess wore an original matching headdress. It is a slightly tilted design and adorned by a fake pen created by Philip Treacyauthor of many of the most spectacular fascinators worn by the Princess of Wales.

From left to right: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Charles III and Camilla Parker-Bowles of England, at the second coronation of the British monarch.

Kate Middleton’s nod to Lady Diana

What drew attention is that Catherine Walker was one of Lady Di’s favorite designers. The renowned British designer became one of Princess Diana’s favoritesand together they created some of the most iconic outfits.

Walker perfectly understood the style and personality of Lady Di, and his designs reflected his timeless elegance and sophistication. That is why she achieved it both with dazzling ball gowns and with more informal outfits.

Their collaboration endured through the years and continues to be remembered as a remarkable partnership in the fashion world and as an integral part of Princess Diana’s style legacy.

Catherine Walker was one of Lady Di’s favorite designers.

Kate Middleton and her tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II

Kate accessorized her sophisticated and understated look with a choker from the late’s personal collection. Isabel II. One of the monarch’s most memorable jewels: japanese pearl necklace of four laps, which is topped by a diamond clasp.

The Princess wore it in April 2021 on the occasion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and used them again on this occasion. The same way, Diana Spencer came to wear this same necklace in 1982the year in which, curiously, both Prince William and Kate Middleton herself were born.

The famous four-strand Japanese pearl necklace was worn by Elizabeth II, Lady Diana and Kate Middleton.

In turn, Prince William’s wife finished off her look with Diana of Wales Collingwood pearl earrings. A pair of small diamonds with pearl pendant teardrop shaped were a gift from Prince Charles to Diana of Wales in the months leading up to their weddingin 1981.

It is said that the mother of William and Harry was so fascinated with the earrings that she he used them for the first time the day he undertook his honeymoonbut also on his media trip to Australia, the day he premiered his “elvis dress” or when he captured the attention of the entire world with his legendary ‘vengeance dress’. There is no doubt that they were his favorites.

Lady Di and Kate Middleton wearing Collingwood pearl earrings.

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