This afternoon it was learned that Wanda Nara He was admitted to the Los Arcos sanatorium guard after presenting severe abdominal pain. Although until now all kinds of rumors have circulated -and there was no official medical report- it is only known that the host of master chef she was admitted to the Palermo clinic accompanied by her husband Mauro Icardi.

Amid uncertainty and alarming headlines about the health of the cosmetics entrepreneur, her father, Andres Nara, He went to the medical center to see firsthand to find out how his daughter was.

In exclusive dialogue with PEOPLE, on Thursday night he confessed: “We are distanced with Wanda due to minor problems… but this surpassed everything, and of course I was worried”he said anguished by the situation.

Andres Nara He volunteered at the clinic, because he was worried and surprised that he could not contact anyone in the family. “No one told me that she was hospitalized and I wanted to see her,” he insisted, “scared that she could be seriously ill.”

And later added: “Given the uncertainty, I went to the clinic to get information.. What better family contact than a father to tell him what had happened.

What Wanda Nara’s father said about her health

Regarding the state of health of the Masterchef host, she said that the model also went to have some studies done and one of the results came out with a “small alteration”. To stay calm and make sure everything was fine, she had a more thorough check-up and that’s why she stayed in the clinic.

Finally, Andrés was able to enter the sanatorium and confirmed that his daughter was discharged and returned home. This was also revealed on his Instagram account to end the speculation.

“Happy because in the sanatorium they told me that I had been discharged a while ago, It was just a routine check. And nothing serious but they would not have been discharged. Thank God it’s nothing,” he concluded with relief.

Andrés Nara spoke on Instagram about his daughter’s health

The commitments that Wanda Nara had to cancel due to her entry to Los Arcos

The model had planned a family vacation that they had to suspend due to their intense pain. Her idea, like she does every year, was to go to Ibiza, the destination where her sister, Zaira, is, and before she thought she would go through Milan. In turn, she also had a photo session scheduled that had to be cancelled.

His last public appearance was given to THE M (América TV) the Monday after the Martín Fierro Awards, where she was awarded the golden statuette for her work as a jury on the program who is the mask? (Telephone).

When leaving the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, the América TV cameras approached the media to ask her how she had lived this unique moment in her life. “I was very happy. Many people approached me who had voted for me from APTRA. I am very grateful to everyone. Thank you”the cosmetic businesswoman exclaimed gratefully, for all those people who could see her potential on the screen.

“Now we’re staying one more day and tomorrow we’re going on vacation with the kids, all with the family,” closed the model about her immediate future, who ended up getting frustrated due to her state of health that worries the entire show.

Where will break the silence Wanda Nara

Despite the reports, diagnoses without any type of confirmation and in the midst of great secrecy about the evolution of his health, no official medical reports were released at the time. Her family (except her father, from whom she is estranged) also chose silence.

It became known how and where Wanda will break the silence. Icardi’s businesswoman and manager will speak next Monday at 2:30 p.m. in Cut by Lozano (Telefe), the program Vero Lozano.

Although we know that she is going through difficult times in relation to her health, we choose to be discreet until she does not speak about it.“said the driver.

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