After the media internship between Nicole Neumann and her daughter indiana cuberothe doctor Lydia Rosensteinlawyer of Fabian Cuberotalked with Georgina Barbarossa in Barbarossa (Telefe) and gave details of an alleged complaint that Indiana he would have filed against his mother, in Family Court No. 2 of Tigre, prior to making the decision to go live at his father’s house.

“Indiana was going through something terrible and she asked her dad if she could come live with him. He told her that she was with her mother and it was what was appropriate, that’s the agreement, ”revealed the lawyer, about the first approach of her minor with her father.

And he detailed: “The girl very skillfully recorded her mother in order to show her father the mistreatment she was subjected to.”. Furthermore, in reference to Manu UrceraNicole’s boyfriend, explained: “In that recording there are situations where a third party is heard saying things that are not pleasant.”

fabian cubero indiana
Fabián Cubero and Indiana have lived together since December of last year. (Photos: Social Networks)

How Nicole Neumann navigates the delicate situation with Indiana

Hours after those statements, Rafael Cuneo Libaronathe model’s lawyer, revealed – in dialogue with brito angel for THE M– that the judge Silvia Celina Sendra it never handed down a judgment in relation to the lawsuit in question, which is in full process.

Regarding Rosenstein’s statements, Neumann’s lawyer would have requested fine to the lawyer but also to Cubero for “leaking information” and “disclosing inappropriate data” related to a minor.

In turn, the San Isidro Bar Association would have intervened to investigate the professional performance of the lawyer for “breach of court order” according to article 239 of the Criminal Code and review “all the files” that Rosenstein is processing in that jurisdiction.

“Medical reports are going to be made, statements are going to be taken… That a lawyer is speaking with striking ease about tremendous painful accusations, of a teenage girl against her mother, is dangerous for the legal profession,” Cúneo Libarona said with disgust.

After questioning his colleague, he added: “Children’s interests are paramount. Who protects the children? Parents first. And secondly, when the parents do not agree, the lawyers and the judges have to come up with a solution”.

In the midst of this panorama, in the last few hours Cúneo Libarona referred to the current situation of the conflict, this time in a conversation with intruders (America). “Nicole is an excellent mother, she is trying to handle this with a very low profile despite her position as a media woman. It’s complicated because everything she does or says has an impact, and that’s not good for the boys, ultimately, “she lamented.

How is the relationship of Nicole Neumann and her daughter Indiana

Nicole’s relationship with her daughters is very good; with Indiana too. You have to understand that they are adolescent boys. They are brave. Those of us who have adolescent boys know that they are brave. they rebel. now that rebellion that we all have, some of it is from the inside and others, as in the case of Nicole, unfortunately it is from the outside because she is famous. But this happens in all homes,” said Cúneo Libarona.

Regarding whether Indiana had produced a recording from his phone that would have recorded the intimacy between mother and daughter, the lawyer stated: “They are ordinary dialogues. I assure you that if you make a video of my intimacy with my daughters, more than one would say ‘what a bad father!’. And yet, in today’s times, we parents have to somehow understand that saying ‘no’ is sometimes much better than saying ‘yes’. Set limits and make differences“.

File image: Nicole Neumann with her three daughters: Indiana, Allegra and Sienna Cubero.

“Today the boys live in a much more difficult world than the one we lived in. From Instagram, from having social networks of all kinds, from having drugs within reach for any place, from the schedules, from the pre-boliches, we have a world where the limits have been relaxed a bit and we have to go back a little to the basics. Nicole is an excellent mother, she is going to have a very good relationship with her daughter when this storm passes a bit.. So I am confident that it will be resolved well, ”she assured.

About the end, Cúneo Libarona gave his opinion regarding Nicole’s appreciation of the place where Indiana would like to live: “She wants the best for her daughter. She always did. She will have to solve it. What she separated is the couple itself (for which Neumann and Cubero formed). The family remains the same, but separated.”

The decisive opinion of Geraldine Neumann on Manu Urcera, her brother-in-law

Geraldine Neumann He spoke about the conflict his sister is going through Nicole Neuman with her daughter Indiana Cubero, who reportedly denounced her for ill-treatment, and gave her opinion -for the first time- about her future brother-in-law, Manu Urcera.

The model has just returned from her vacation in Miami with her other two daughters allegra and sienna, and denied to the press that such a complaint existed. However, the relationship with Fabián Cubero and his eldest daughter continues on bad terms. Who is also part of this story is Manu UrceraNicole’s new partner, who would have had unhappy phrases towards Indiana, and would have exposed the girl with an alleged boyfriend.

In that context, Geraldine Neuman He spoke about the conflicts with his niece and gave a forceful opinion about his brother-in-law.

“I know more than I tell, and when i hear they talk about my sister i try to ignore them. Sometimes it makes me angry, because they say nonsense, but hey, one already knows that it is so. My only limit is when talking about minors and it seems to me that this does not work, neither give an opinion, nor take conjectures, it seems to me that it is not good“, expressed Geraldine Neumann in dialogue with intruders.

Then he added: “It seems to me that it is not appropriate because they are very private things, where there are minors, it seems to me that it is not good, the girls go to school.”

Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera will get married on December 8.

Then, when referring to his future brother-in-law, Manu Urcera remarked without hesitation: “Well, I really like Manu. I get along very well, the family is a love. And I fully trust what makes her happy. As long as I see my sister happy, I will always support her”.

Finally, the sister referred to Nicole and Manu’s wedding, which will take place on December 8: “I’m going to be the bridesmaid, the dress makes me Laurencio Adot, we will all be with the same color, but each one will be able to choose the design they want”.

How is the relationship between Nicole Neumann and her sister Geraldine today?

Despite their twists and turns, they have now managed to rebuild the bond of sisters and one of those instances of reconciliation occurred when Sienna was born, the youngest daughter of Nicole. GeraldineWhen she found out about the birth of her third niece, she called her to congratulate her and went to the clinic where she was hospitalized.

Nicole Neumann and Geraldine Neumann (1)
Nicole Neumann and Geraldine Neumann have a great relationship today.

Regarding the current relationship, Geraldine commented: “With Nicole we are super close, we were distanced, we had ugly moments, but we have recovered everything. Each one on her own was doing therapy and with the birth of her third daughter it was a moment where we met again, luckily we are very close and the cousins ​​too “, during an interview with Catalina Dlugi in Agarrate Catalina by La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad.

“We apologized and we cried for everything,” he told Caras magazine some time later. What Nicole She added: “We had a mini talk. What a catharsis. We felt the sisterly love was intact.”

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