Former Senator of Together for Change Esteban Bullrich presented the “12 immovable basic points” as foundations of a great national agreement. The act, which took place on Monday, May 1 in the Buenos Aires city of San Nicolás, was attended by leaders from different fields, both from the opposition and from the ruling party. “The damn crack is no more real than the thousands of meeting points we had and will continue to have”he said by way of self-criticism on behalf of the political leadership.

Bullrich had summoned “a great national agreement” with “political leaders, businessmen, trade unionists and members of civil society from across the ideological spectrum”. The objective was to collect ideas from all social sectors to condense them into a single proposal. “I want to invite you next Monday, May 1, to celebrate the 170th anniversary of our National Constitution in San Nicolás,” he had said in a video on his Twitter account.

With this mission, he began to investigate to find out what would be “the 10 points that should make up a national agreement.” She found “huge matches” and ultimately there were 12 items.

“I believe that what unites us is stronger than what separates us. This damn crack that has done us so much damage is no more real than the thousands of meeting points we had and will continue to have. I wanted to focus on the things where we can make strength to get ahead “.

Esteban Bullrich

During the presentation this Monday, the former senator – who since 2021 left his seat in Congress after being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – affirmed that the country’s political leaders “they agree too much with what they think and have spent too many years profiting electorally from dividing people”.

In his analysis he explained that “It is obviously useful to put the agent in a state of permanent battle invented a constant feeling of extreme situation in which there is no time for anything other than to run forward crush those next to you and scream as loud as possible. That’s not how anything is built. You don’t build a country, a family, a couple, a friendship”.

The former Buenos Aires Minister of Education was accompanied by his children and his wife María Eugenia.“We have to lower inflation and grow and produce more. It can’t be fixed with price controls, nor clamps on exports, but it’s not just reducing fiscal spending or issuing less. Guidelines are required that are met with respect to the administration of the State, as well as the obligations and goals of the federal government and the provinces”he said during the presentation.

national concord. The K leader Juan Grabois was one of the few pro-government supporters who was at Bullrich’s presentation in San Nicolás.

The 12 points of the New Agreement for national Harmony:

  • Defend and value the Constitution and its republican institutions.
  • Position macroeconomic stability as the north of all decisions.
  • Reform the State, seeking austerity and the elimination of privileges.
  • Promote exports as a means of progress and well-being.
  • Promote development and investment, with a labor regime that facilitates the creation of private employment.
  • Implement the Single Ballot system, avoiding any system that alters the will of the voter.
  • Create a security policy that fights drug trafficking and allows people to live in peace.
  • Update educational policies to generate the human capital that the 21st century demands.
  • Promote small producers, SMEs and entrepreneurship.
  • Transform Argentina into a world energy power.
  • Create a federal tax system that allows the development of the private sector.
  • Create a Public Private Training Plan for the job.

The 12 points were presented at the doors of the Casa del Acuerdo National Museum, in the town of San Nicolás, where on May 31, 1852, thirteen provinces signed an agreement that was configured as the first precedent of the Constitution of 1853. In its 19 articles, the so-called San Nicolás Agreement established a Federal Pact with which a general constituent congress was convened and Justo José de Urquiza was established as provisional director of the Argentine Confederation.

Among the political references who attended Bullrich’s call were the Buenos Aires legislator Ofelia Fernandezand the national deputy Natalia Zarachoand the social leader and presidential candidate for the Frente de Todos (FdT) John Grabois. They were also the ex-minister of Transportation macrista, William Dietrich; the national deputy Silvia Lospennato; the Buenos Aires senator, joaquin de la torre; the deputy from Buenos Aires, Santiago Passaglia, and the mayor of San Miguel, Jaime Mendez.

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