Alexandra Pereira in White Sandals in Milan

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Weddings in the Balearic Islands -in Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera- sometimes ask for details, designs, specific shoes. A wedding in Seville is not the same as in Ciutadella, that’s how it is. And that is transferred to guests but also to girlfriends. That’s why the second If they are getting married in the Mediterranean, they think a lot about relaxed details, designs with some natural fabric, raffia… It is what hits a white outfit. For this reason, these original sandals are sweeping among brides.

Is about these sandals with the frayed strap and gold details from Lefties, which cost €22.99. We are surprised by the number of beautiful sandals that this Inditex brand has. They surprise us and we like colored sandals, but the fact that they launch shoes in neutral colors is a clear demonstration that they have the bridal world in mind.

We like them -whether we are brides or not- for the gold detail, for the fabric used, because they have a sensible heel that is perfect for dancing… And that the farms in the Balearic Islands are sometimes paths, that there are a lot of tiles and that, in short, that is not worth any heel. It is a shoe that fits as a bride but also with a second sandal, in case one changes shoes. looks, or for the pre-wedding itself. Afterwards it is a shoe that is going to be used a lot.

The most Mediterranean brides are sweeping these €22.99 Lefties sandals because they are original and they are really cute. Who was going to tell us that Lefties is such a beautiful shoe factory? What a surprise this season…

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