Although usually China Suarez becomes news for her professional projects or for her personal and love life, this Tuesday the actress made a desperate request on her social networks that worried all her Instagram followers.

It was through a post that she shared on her feed that the famous published a photo of a girl to report her disappearance. As she explained in the publication, she is the daughter of a close friend.

“Please, a friend’s daughter is missing. Please share,” she asked her fans. And then she sent a direct message to the young lady: “Ailen, if you got angry with your parents for something please come back, they are waiting for you”, she wrote remarkably affected by the news.

The details of the disappearance of the girl, daughter of a friend of China Suárez

Immediately, her followers joined the spread of the image, where in addition to posting a photo of the girl, she added some details of the last time she was seen: “He was wearing a black jacket and a black backpack with a pink keychain.”

As mentioned in the image that has already been replicated on networks, Ailen was last seen in Los Pinos neighborhood at 9am, and additionally, China Suárez left a contact number for those who can provide information.

In the comments, several followers asked him about the case and made some suggestions to the also singer. And in her responses, she also mentioned that the family has already filed the corresponding complaint for her disappearance.

In addition, to find his whereabouts faster, he said that his family is from the Maquinista Savio area, in the Escobar district.

This would not be the first time China Suarez joins a social cause, in the past, the artist has shown solidarity and sensitized with various news where those affected have been women, children or pets.

And in this particular case, as it is a person close to his circle, he seems to be experiencing this distressing situation in his own flesh.

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