After three long months of speculation, the announcement of the television series of Harry Potter. Although it will have the participation of the renowned writer, JK Rowling on the project as an executive producer drew criticism from fans, the director of HBO He doesn’t seem to have given much importance to the original story and already confirmed that there will be major changes to the story. To begin with, the idea is to modernize the book and bet on the inclusion and diversity, especially among cast members.

The person in charge of launching the announcement on how the casting of the cast will be dealt with has been the informant jeff sneider, according to which the development team will strive to have an inclusive cast. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to have made this decision because the film saga of harry potter has often been criticized for its lack of diversity and inclusiveness.

According to sneider they are even evaluating the possibility that the sorceress Hermione Granger, key character in the plot of the great movie saga, could be played by a black actress as already happened in the play Harry Potter and the curse of the heir, since the actress Noma Dumezweni got under his skin.

The long-awaited series of Harry Potter, which has an unknown release date so far, is the result of a ten-year agreement to adapt the seven books of the saga as faithfully as possible. It will arrive exclusively on the platform Maxa rebranding of HBO Max.

The idea is that the Harry Potter series will have 7 seasons

The intention of the producers is that the series has one season for each of the seven books of Harry Potter. There the entire journey of the most important magician of hogwartsfrom his arrival at school, to the final battle with his great enemy, voldermord.

JK Rowling said “Max’s commitment to preserving the integrity” of the source material is “very important“. In addition, the writer added “I am looking forward to being part of this new adaptation that will allow us to display a level of depth and detail only possible in a long format and television.”

On the other hand, David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery announced that “It’s really moving, and for ten years in a row audiences will be able to stream Harry Potter, it means a lot.” assured the director, and made a lot of emphasis that they have content of the readings for ten years.

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