After his sword to a luxurious resort in Dubai accompanied by his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué disembarked in Miami to visit his children Milan and Sasha, who moved to the United States with their mother, Shakira.

His arrival at the airport -alone, without his current partner- revolutionized the american airport, since all those who recognized him approached him to ask for a photo or an autograph. Likewise, the press was waiting for him on the outskirts of the facilities, however, the former Barcelona central defender did not show his best face before the reception and withdrew in silence.

On the other hand, his media arrival in the United States was not the only negative moment of his trip. It is that, according to the Spanish press, the initial plan to spend 10 consecutive days with the children, as stipulated in the divorce agreement, does not seem to be possible.

“Shakira has made things quite difficult for him”they emphasized in the program Mamarazzis. And they deepened: “The singer moved to Miami on April 2 and those two days before getting on the plane the little ones spent with her father. Therefore, you would have eight days left available based on the 70-30% time arrangement“.

Meanwhile, still The length of Piqué’s stay in the North American country is not clear. Faced with this news that was already evident in his first excursion to US territory, the former soccer player would be seriously analyzing an alternative.

Gerard Piqué’s strategy for Shakira to share custody of his children with him

On the other hand, according to rumors, Shakira’s ex-partner I would be considering acquiring a property in Miami to establish residence there, at least part time. In this way, the judicial agreement signed at the end of 2022 would be formally cancelled, and could be replaced by joint custodygiven that both parents would reside in the same city.

In addition to the ten days a month to spend time with his children, there are three vacation periods in which Piqué has priority: Thanksgivingthe week that includes Christmas to End of the year and Easter or “Spring break”.

File image of Gerard Piqué with his children Sasha and Milan.

The categorical condition that Shakira’s children put on Piqué to visit them in Miami

Although the children will continue to see their father sporadically due to what was agreed by their parents in the Catalan court, the truth is that the little ones would have put a condition on their father to see him. According to the Spanish paparazzi jordi martinit would be linked to the presence of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend, Clara Chía.

We don’t want you to bring her home while we’re here.”, was the blunt phrase that the 8 and 10-year-old children had, who would not be happy at all with the idea that their father had rearmed his life just one year after separating publicly from his mother.

According to the outlet, a clause in the divorce agreement signed by Sakira and Piqué establishes that the athlete “can only go to Miami if he wants to see the children and spend time with them.” “The condition is that I see them without Clara Chía”, highlighted the journalist, Jordi Martín.

And I add: “I think that the children are devoted to their mother. They saw that she had a very bad time and told Shakira: ‘Stay calm, we don’t even want to see Clara’”.

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