Fabiana Cantilo surprised by posting a video with his “double”, as he defined it in the publication. On another Sunday afternoon, met for tea with Micaela Riera, the actress who put herself in her shoes in the series The love after Lovewhich tells the life and work of fito paez.

The actresses denied in this way that there is any kind of conflict between them. “Who Came For Tea? My Double”Fabi said gracefully, at the same time that she assured that she was making the video to deny the rumors that were going around about the relationship between them.

“I had to keep quiet, Mica, because everything I talk about…”raised the singer. The actress supported her and stressed that she had spoken on her behalf. “Now we’re going to gossip a lot. We love each other. We’re re grateful to the series and everything they said is nonsense“, he stressed.

Although for the creation of the character they got together to get to know each other, the wave between Fabi and Mica now has more overtones from friendship that from the professional side. In fact, at first, the singer made some criticisms of the production, although she later remarked that she was more than happy with the result of it. That is why he mentions that he has to shut up, since all his opinions were taken as negative and the certain thing is that it is drunk by the course of the things.

For her part, Mica always had nice words for her: “She’s magical, she’s an elevated human being, but because she’s a person who goes through things herself, she’s resilient. Knowing her was magical and essential to make the character“, assured, loving and accurate.

Everything is going well between Fabiana Cantilo and Mica Riera. (Photos: Social Networks)

The reason behind the rumors of bad vibes between Mica Riera and Fabi Cantilo

just released The love after Love, Fabiana Cantilo He was strong with his words when he claimed that his career had been put aside in the course of the chapters, without having a true reflection of what that moment in his life was like.

“First statement about the series: In addition to doing choruses for Fito and choruses for Luis Alberto Spinetta, I had a life and a career. Among all that turmoil, he had bands and recorded records,” he clarified in a compelling video.

“They helped me because I had talent. Obviously, it’s Fito’s point of view. Since I’m so present, I want to say that I also had a life“, he launched without laps.

Fabi Cantilo after her criticism of the Fito Páez series: “I’m not angry”. (Photos: Social Networks)

Later, she filmed herself again to clarify her words and emphasize that, far from being angry, she is delighted with the results: “Sometimes my tone is kind of weird. I am very happy with everything… With my life, with being clean for 10 years and 5 months, with Fito and his series. In the end, that’s life. You have to be careful what you say“.

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