Cecilia Strzyzowski is being intensely sought by the investigation team of the Justice of chaco. In the last few hours, a new search was carried out looking for the young woman who had disappeared since the beginning of June. The same was done in the Tragadero Riverof chaconear the area where a few weeks ago they found the victim’s belongings and bones that are still being analyzed

In this context, according to the information provided by Jorge Caceres Oliveraone of the prosecutors in the case, found burned bone remains and could be from Cecilia Strzyzowski. “We carried out a search in what is the continuation of the previous one that was carried out in the Río swallow and various bone remains were found in a reduced state and with signs of having been burned,” he said.

Then he told Chronicle that “the coroner who attended the place could not determine prima facie if they were human or animal”. In the same sense, the prosecutor added: “Obviously we have the indication of the first survey that was carried out under conditions that would be similar and that could correspond to the previous finding.”

This new search was carried out by a special delegation equipped with water pumps and they extended just over 100 meters from the place where they found elements of the young woman on June 20.

This operation occurred in the midst of the development of a medical board that is evaluating the state of health of Emerenciano Seinefather of Ceasethe main defendant for the femicide of Ceciliaand one of the seven arrested in the case.

The renowned social leader of chaco He requested assistance and a medical evaluation that, in the event of confirming certain health failures, could enable him to request house arrest that may or may not later be granted.

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